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First, I want to mention my new favorite website:

The overall community, that has THOUSANDS of writers from all over the world - they are really nice. Generous, even! An anonymous person gave me a gift of an upgraded version of my account. It ends by the end of August. I like putting together folders to organize my stuff... Maybe by the time the temporary upgrade is over, I can upgrade up again.

There are contests to join, and there are other groups and communities out there about various topics. I've even met some very like-minded people, who are just as aware as I am in the world about the on-going mess of problems that put us all at great risk. One of them has been a truther and political activist for over a decade, and she travels across the country with her husband in a large truck.

On, registered users are able to submit poetry, stories, and even other neat little things such as quizzes, polls, and crossword puzzles too.

Check it out, whenever! I love it. It's a great place to reach out, as well as a great place to interact with other writers.

This is something I wrote the other day; 3 true stories into one free verse poem! To me, it's a bit funny. I wonder if there are moniturds in TV corporations. It would make sense as to why the following has happened me a few times not long ago.


Talking with Dad about 1984,
TV reporter mentioned Big Brother,
What reason did he state that for?
The fuss over FBI and iPhones,
That might explain why
He spoke that as a partial joke,
A minute later that morning.

I pondered to myself, How can this be...?
Dad said this was synchronicity.

Mom and I together went
To play board games with our friends.
A movie was on in the background,
One we've seen titled The Fifth Element.
Later, by the next evening,
Sci-Fi Channel played the same film.
I could hardly believe I was seeing
This on TV, at home.

Just as Dad said before, it surely
Must be synchronicity!

A month or so passed,
After those two events.
Just when I thought I'd forget,
I was explaining to someone my views on abortion,
And then it happened again!
There was a segment on the news about
A stem cell company, affiliated with Planned Parenthood.
Too strange to call all this coincidence.
This was the same network who
Referenced Orwell that first incident!

Fox News must be spying on me!
Here we go again, synchronicity.

Date: 2016-06-05 07:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kaleidodope
long tie no see! I want to check out the other site too!

Date: 2016-06-09 06:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kaleidodope
ill check it out!


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