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Name:Marianne E. B. Markham
Website:My music and art webpage.

Interests (141):

3 doors down, acting, alternative, andalites, anime, animorphs, anti-racism, anti-war, any or all art, art, avatar: the last airbender, beck mongolian chop squad, being humorous, birds, black cat, board games, breaking benjamin, cage the elephant, cartoons, cats, chevelle, classic rock, collective soul, comics, crossfade, darker than black, dead by sunrise, death note, default, demon hunter, demons, devil may cry, dinosaur fighting games, dinosaurs, dogs, dragons, drama/theatre, drawing, durarara, electronica, elfen lied, evanescence, fall out boy, fan mixes, fantastic children, final fantasy, foo fighters, galavant, ghost stories, ghosts, green day, grimm, hangin' out with friends, hellboy, heroes, heroes reborn, hoobastank, hork-bajir, imagine dragons, incubus (the band), individuality, internet, jimmy eat world, kaze no stigma, kyle xy, lacuna coil, legend of zelda series, linkin park, lost, mae, making icons, manga, metallica, monsters, most animals, movies, music, musicals, mutemath, my chemical romance, nature, new world order, no in greed we trust, once upon a time, pink floyd, poetry, politics, primal rage, quotations, rahxephon, red garden, reptiles, reptilian hybrids, reptilians, reptoids, resident evil, resident evil: apocalypse, rock, role playing, shadow the hedgehog, shalathstrumnostrium, shopping, showtunes, sketching, sonic the hedgehog, soundscapes, staind, starfox, strata, succubi, supernatural, surfin' the net, tabletop games, tailchaser's song, talon rules all, techno, the 4400, the chee, the courageous princess, the dead zone, the exies, the grays, the legend of korra, the offspring, the paranormal, the tomorrow people, the wanted comic, third eye blind, trapt, tron, true freedom, tsubasa resevoir chronicle, u2, video games, voluntaryism, weezer, whitley strieber, wolf's rain, writing, xxxholic, youtube
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