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Does this have to be a daily challenge? I don't think so. Besides, I get busy most of the time. :P

Day 2: The meaning behind your Blog name

I won't just tell you the meaning, but the story of why I chose this username as well.

Years back, there was this guy who had fallen head over heels in love about me, border-lining to almost desperately in love. I could not love him back because he was too forward to my liking. He kept making me feel uncomfortable to the point of being stressed out whenever he approached or contacted me.

We could hardly relate to each other at all. He wasn't even a good friend to begin with.

So, there was this one time in which he had upset me very much. I was upset to the point of crying. It was that bad, and his apology didn't seem all that genuine.

I should have told him back then we couldn't see each other at all, ever again--but no. I didn't even know he would persist to try and win my affections when all I've tried to do was just be friends with him. And he did not want that.

This is common for at least some ISFJ's. Sometimes when people take advantage of me and I've had a hard time saying no. This is also because I'm sometimes too nice. I don't like being mean. Constant negative energy is a mental poison that would disturb how I usually am if it does not cease; a mellow and friendly social butterfly that doesn't really fuss about most things.

I was being a hard-head, stubborn and wanting to believe that if I could help him on which direction to go so we could at least get along. In return, he had just about strained my patience. There was just no getting along with him. No chance. I don't know if he knows many introverts or not, but he didn't seem to understand that I at times needed my space.

I think in the same year when J. really upset me (nah, not going to type out his name) was when I bought my copy of Trapt's album, No Apologies. There's a song on it that has the same title as the album. While I was recovering, I listened to this quite a few times and felt better. I felt inspired to just be myself and no one else. Yes, it was also important to not be afraid of what I want and stand up for it.

Sometime after that, one of my motto's became this: no apologies. No apologies for being me, and not ever wanting to be someone else! I know I'm awesome, and have a strong sense of right from wrong. I'm proud to be ISFJ, and I'm content with where I currently am in my life.

I chose my username after the song, and living by its statement has gone on for at least 4 years now. It's been almost that long since J. and I parted ways for good. I love this song and all the rest of them on the CD.

In case you don't know this song, I'll embed a vid.

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While just Google Image Searching on a whim, I found this really interesting meme on this random blog site I found. I'm going to give it my best shot. Along the way I'm sure there's much to know about me, and some deep and fun things to discover that I wasn't aware of before.

Here's the whole list of objectives for future entries! )

This will get lengthy. Don't want to stretch out your Friends' pages. )

Woot, I did it! I came up with 15 things about me at random! Now, to start on Day 2. :)


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