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Last night, I was just cruising around on YouTube, at first listening to a mix of autotune awesomeness and nonsense. Mostly, cats on autotune. Why? I don't really know ahaha, but all the same that stuff's neat to listen to.


From there I listened to some of the more hilarious autotuned songs I heard before on Schmoyoho and theparodyfactory1 channels. (Two of my favorites by parodyfactory1 include "Do Dogs Have Brains?" and "Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll". Two of my favorites from Schmoyoho (AKA The Gregory Brothers) include "Reality Hits You Hard Bro" and "Tornado Song". I find them all rather fun and amusing to listen to.)

Then... )
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This is something I discovered through this awesome Zelda internet radio I also recently discovered, called Radio Hyrule! They featured a track by the legendary guitarist who calls himself Artificial Fear on YouTube. (His metalized version of the J-E-N-O-V-A theme is so good! It's amazing, topping the Advent Children movie's rock version.)

I'm really, really looking forward to seeing the final CG movie done. Currently I'm still on Radio Hyrule, in the chatroom. There's currently at least one other person there besides me, who also discovered the website.

I ended up sharing this on my website's blog as well. How could I not?! 8D


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