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So truthful and it makes sense. People need to see and understand what is talked about in this 12 minute video.

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The first time I uploaded this one was muted just seconds after it was uploaded. Well, I fixed that. I decided to use my own music in one part, and just cut out the audio plug-in of the Fleetwood Mac song I love so much. The moniturds despise me. Those internet Big Brothers are funny to me. They over-use the word terrorist. lol

Here's the video I got the 60's National Anthem film from. You'll learn a lot from it!

Internet Movie Database Info about the movie "They Live".

An article about the bomb robot used by Dallas police;

Chief David Brown's speech at the memorial (what a fool he is, to even stand by the Whopper King, lol):

Article about the bald eagles;

The Whopper King admitted he is Muslim. In his own words:

Link to the fascinating info I found on the first computer ever invented;

If you (who's reading this) haven't heard enough about Death Note, and would like to know more;

Now to put up another post...
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I noticed some I just don't use anymore, so I replaced them with ones I know I'll use frequently; inspiring and truthful ones. You are welcome to use them as well! Just be sure to credit me when you do!

I think I want to make some more, just for the fun of it. :D Once I get a batch done, I'll insert them in a DW cut. EDIT: Most of these are funny politician ones.

Click to see them. )
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Ever since my world views have changed, in addition to my on-going research into several subjects and organizations, I have not been able to get back into any of my fanfiction, or RP writing. I can't even think about that, so I've had to give it all up... I recently wrote a message to all my fans/followers of my Death Note story I title Collide, on (I really ought to put up the same message on the Archive Of Our Own website, soon-ish.)

I just started to investigate into UNESCO, which stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. THEY are for Rotten Core!! I've started to read up on their selfish, no-good philosophy. The 1946 document about that was written in 1946, by Sir Julian Huxley:

I also learned that the "head architect" of the English and Language Arts for Rotten Core of all American schools never taught in a class. He's more like a shady, narrow-minded businessman who talked to governors about Rotten Core, not teachers! Here's some info about this asshole:

When I first learned about David Coleman, I felt so angry over what he had done. I wrote about that in a poem last week. I just had to write it out, because he is one of the worst people to ever get involved with education. Coleman ought to get fired from the College Board and go to jail in my opinion. We should all look up everything we can about him, and the other 4 people who created the Rotten Core Standards Initiative. This is really important, people! We must END this Fed Ed! This is about being taught to owe allegiance towards authority that will completely enslave you, in a New World Order. World Government!

These sickos don't want independent thinking. They want us all to be like a single organism, thinking, acting, feeling like a collective whole. Lots, and lots of sheeple! That's what they want!!

All this stuff about human rights and peace according to the Earth Constitution would be rights given to you by authority, not the unalienable rights that you're born with. Those rights given to you could be taken away, by these people who want to play God!

What's happened in education, it's not about academics! It's about changing the behaviors of children so they become compliant human capital. My friend Anita Hoge and others like the two of us have all been discovering the same thing.

I'll put up another blog post, an Info Dump post to share a bunch about what I've been researching about. I'm offering all of you what you need to know in order to share this knowledge and start thinking of how to bring all this to a complete stop.

Now, to end this post with the new poem I wrote.

A Destroyer of Academics

A rich lunatic must have hired you.
Bastard must be as careless as you!
Literature butcher!
Creativity killer!
Destroyer of Academics.

Who said you deserved a role
In education?
Who approved?
You never taught.
You were only bought!
False educator!
Greedy crusader!
Masquerader for indoctrination.

A Grinch towards today's youth,
I heard that you're uncouth!
Must have bribed your way to the College Board!
Must be nice, having lots of money.
But you can't buy real happiness!
You can't buy real respect!
You can't buy real love!

Better go hide under a rock.
More will know, and they'll be SHOCKED!

When you've had all your fun,
Will you stop and realize what you've done?

So many will be angry at you.
So many will hate you,
Just as I do!

You sack of shit.
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It's very much based on a number of issues I've been aware and concerned about. It's based on a number of things I've been researching on, and a number of it is what some arrogant and clueless people call "conspiracy theory bunk", when it isn't. There's much evidence and facts hidden in plain sight. The corruptive overlords that I call the government are cocky and arrogant. They're too lazy and/or occupied in their own schemes to remove it all.

You should read this. What I wrote is powerful stuff, and I believe this is just the beginning. For the first time in a long time, I'm starting to feel confident and motivated on getting my writings published. I know I will definitely want to write more poems like this in the near future!


My poem is a lengthy one, almost 8 pages long, so I'll put it under a cut. )

If you want to know what I mean, here are some things for you to look at.

2 U.S. Department of Health, Welfare, and Education documents:

Clyde W. Hall's "How to Implement Change"

Ronald G. Havelock's "Training for Change Agents: A Guide to the Design of Training Programs in Education and Other Fields"

This is what I mean on the vaccines:

This animated movie, "The American Dream", watch it: <- The tyrannical Earth Constitution. Globalization! Regulation and complete control of natural resources! Regulating and "supervising" (AKA, monitoring) international transportation, communications, postal services... Secure disarmament means no effective weapons to defend ourselves from tyranny. One world government!
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Yeah, it's been months since I last updated, I know. I've been working hard at my bookstore and managing to keep warm. Last weekend was very cold, and I had to keep both of the kerosene heaters on Friday through Sunday. The weather was a bit odd on yesterday morning. It would snow a little bit, then stop when the sun would come out. Not long after that, it snowed a little bit more...

I had just come back from shoveling snow to the side of the driveway at home. Thank goodness it was light and powdery snow!

For anyone who's seen my active and recent tweets on Twitter the past couple of weeks, then you'd already know how busy I've been, in paying attention to politics - supporting Senator Bernie Sanders (specifically some things he said) and bashing Hillary Clinton along with her bestest best friend that he talked about in a televised debate last week.

There's a multitude of reasons why I've been against her and even Jeb Bush and his family - with a fierce passion. Trump? I haven't been able to take him seriously for quite a while, but I've backed off a bit. Why? Because he knows something. Something that the masses of American citizens don't really know or understand, not yet.

That really ought to change this year...

I feel I must express about one of a bunch of things I've discovered, two weeks ago. Something REALLY important, for everyone, most especially in the U.S. that haven't noticed by now. In sincere warning, the following I'm about to share with you will shock you. You might not want to accept or even believe it but it's true. It really is.

This is going to be a long post, I can feel it. )
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He goes by the nickname D-Trix, and his main channel is TheDominicShow. He's also a really cool breakdancer, and his group, Quest Crew are on this dancing competition. I haven't watched the show, but to know they're on MTV is big. Epic big.

If you know D-Trix and his crew, go here to vote for them!
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This is something I discovered through this awesome Zelda internet radio I also recently discovered, called Radio Hyrule! They featured a track by the legendary guitarist who calls himself Artificial Fear on YouTube. (His metalized version of the J-E-N-O-V-A theme is so good! It's amazing, topping the Advent Children movie's rock version.)

I'm really, really looking forward to seeing the final CG movie done. Currently I'm still on Radio Hyrule, in the chatroom. There's currently at least one other person there besides me, who also discovered the website.

I ended up sharing this on my website's blog as well. How could I not?! 8D


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