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I even designed my own cover this time! (My RP/writing muse of Sokka approves of what I picked. I know he does!)

Click here to see, along with the track list! )

What can I say? I've been in such a music kick lately. XD I'm on a roll, and I'll want to do a mix for Toph sometime later!
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You can easily put together your own fan-mix playlists on it and share it with others! You choose a picture for the cover and choose what to put into the Annotations section too.

Playlists, they're great! I kind of want to start another one soon. Either Death Note or another mix towards another ATLA character. (I know of some songs I know that are Sokka-like!)

I feel sooo accomplished, after finishing putting the ultimate Zuko fan-mix soundtrack together! It's mostly songs, with a few great instrumentals that fit this character so, so well. I inserted 46 tracks (there's just a lot of great, fitting songs), and this is almost 3 hours of music, so it's something to listen to while surfing online for a good long while? XD There's a wide variety of songs I picked that represents different parts to Zuko's personality, his troubles, and his journey.

The Fight Inside from SilverFox Jams on 8tracks Radio.

Would you like to see the entire track list? )

I go on about a few of the songs I've discovered and put into that mix here... )

Aside from that, I've been writing some fan fic bit by bit. One of them has a quite complicated part, and there are little plot bunnies from different points in time that make me want to write those parts out. I know there will be more than one story here. The first I've already titled as Treading Carefully Between Sides, since one OC of mine will be traveling with Zuko, Iroh, and their crew. Her best friend will be with Aang, Sokka, and Katara. The bond of their friendship will be one of the things that change and make this something AU. Also, there will be these bad, nasty creatures...

I'm almost a quarter way done on my Darius Twin remix. It sounds awesome, and some of the time I've been breezing through this. Still, I know I'm going to be picking the hell out of it until it's as great as it's going to be.


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