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There's quite a bit to mention over the past week. Prepare yourself... for summarizing... No, this does not involve Ludacris Speed, and going plaid. (I should watch SpaceBalls again. It's been a long while since I last watched that movie. It's one of my favorite Mel Brooks films.)

- My cold has been almost all gone, still. All that's left is a bit of a cough. It's so annoying... I've had to cough up a bit of yuck today. I think my dad has caught what I had. His immune system's not as great as mine, and I send him speedy recovery wishes as I update.

-For the most part online for over the past week, I've read some of the lengthy and well written Avatar: The Last Airbender fan fictions. Happy Endings, Book 1! That one...! The writer blends the action and the psychological content of a teenaged girl who's been a victim of domestic violence well! It inspires me for my two Avatar stories. (It's a second interesting one in case the first story idea gets to be a pain.)

-My Easter was kinda nice. My mom and I had free Starz and HBO On Demand. Finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy. We want that on DVD. It's so awesome. (Rocket, Peter Quill, and Groot, those three are my favorite characters.) Alexander's Horrible No Good Very Bad Day is hilarious. We want that one too! Also, we've had a bunch of Peeps, and some Starburst jelly beans. :D The jelly beans happen to be nearby where I'm sitting, and I just snagged some. I love the Starburst kind just as much as the gourmet kind!

-Earlier, as I was watching AFV, I saw this hilariously cute video of a Chihuahua trying again and again to get the ball in the mirror. The real ball was behind that adorable dog the whole time. Oh, and there was this other amazing dog who was barking parts of Beethoven's 5th. I've never seen anything like that. One smart pooch! I think the Beethoven dog was a pit bull...

-I finally, FINALLY gotten around to starting over again on the Darius Twin Boss Theme remix. I don't remember mentioning this on my blog, but a while back I found out that almost all my files were encrypted. Some idiot thought I would be swayed into doing their bidding for this Bit Coin thing. I've had to refresh the laptop, and pretty much I got all my apps back... Today, I put together a few beat loops and they're really good. I've felt very accomplished. I've gotten so much better at making custom drum loops! Tonight, after TV shows are over, I'm going to do a bit of recording off my VST. (After that, I hope to get into some RP stuff. I am breaking away from fan fic tonight.)

-There's a hilarious Avatar series I've seen on YouTube called Avatar: The Last Airbender Abridged. Whiny Zuko. Enough said. Of course as whole it's funny but the guy's voice for Zuko is what I love most. XD
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I think my nose has been sniffly in addition to a cough for just over a week now. I start working 5 days a week again, starting tomorrow. The temperature will be climbing up to the 50's by then. Spring is finally here.

I'll catch up with you on my friends list once I'm feeling much, much better.

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Not a whole lot has been going on. My mom and I still love going to see our friends and play board games with them on every other Friday night. There's this really good 2 to 4 player tile game that's a cross between the Uno card game and this rummy style tile game I've played called Rummikub. In Rummikub, if someone's placed 4 in a set, you can arrange someone's set (without breaking it) to make a set of your own. In Uno Rummy-Up, you get to do the same thing, but there are tiles that allow you to take extra turns. (The wild tile is the cruelest towards the opponents since when that comes into play, the person selected has to draw four tiles, mwahahaha...)

Two friends, Mom, and myself have played Uno Rummy-Up and we love it. Our friend Allan introduced Rummikub, and I believe he would enjoy this game that's similar to it.

Haha, on a random note, in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle video game you get to raise these creatures called Chaos. I have a yellow one and I named it after Alan since he usually picks yellow as a playable color if it's available in board games. (I've yet to mention to this to Alan. Maybe I should take a picture of this on my TV and show it to him, lol.)

It's an on-going thing, teasing him because he always prefers yellow as his color. It's hilarious because he's hilarious. He's very witty. Sometimes some of us joke that around him that if he goes traveling to see friends or family that we'll have a party and paint over all the yellow pieces in his games...

Since April Fool's Day is coming up, I think I'll write about the time in which Mom and I really got Alan good, some years ago. It's a memory that still gets me chuckling when thinking back on it. I think we've been in this meetup group for over six to seven years now, whoa! Time sure does fly!

The game that's one of his all time favorites is one called Cosmic Encounters. I never got a chance to play it yet and kind of forget what it's about, other than the players choosing to play a single type of alien race with their own abilities. (I think it's 2-4 players, and because there's usually five to six who show up at the meetups, I never got the chance to play this game yet. It seems really interesting. D:)

Mom came up with the idea I went along with of printing out a fake page about a sequel game in which you can play with your pet cat(s)--because Allan is also a cat person. He has two beautiful ones named Prince and Posh.

Alan was genuinely convinced "Cosmic Encounters 2" was real! I wasn't expecting that to happen. Mom's not a computer expert exactly. I'm not either, and I thought he would've found out it was fake. That he would have spotted something off while looking through what we handed to him--but it didn't happen. We actually told him it was fake long after showing him the pages.

He was such good sport about this, too. He was both surprised and amused! I remember Mom and I laughing so much after talking about it on the way home. I also remember cracking up while telling Dad that our little prank was a success. I had to stop and wait for my laughing to die down so he could hear me clearly.
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I'm currently feeling a teeny bit icky, but it's nothing really serious. Definitely not as awful as to how it was when I got up in the morning. Something I ate for dinner last night, scalloped parmesan potatoes or something like that, just did not sit well at all in my tummy.

I'm wondering if my digestive system's becoming a little sensitive. I guess it's something that happens when your body's aging a bit at a time.

For example, there are two fast food places I know I can't order food from anymore because it makes me ill. Checkers food I used to eat without a problem. It's been about two years since I last had any of their food. I don't know what it is, but something in their sandwiches the past couple of times I ordered made me feel really sick. So sick that I couldn't eat any solid foods until my stomach settled down a significant amount.

Nope! Can't go over there anymore--even though their curly fries are awesome. I liked their milkshakes, too.

My mom and I both had bad gas the next morning after we ordered some food at a Sonic once on a Friday night, on our way to board game meetup. Once and never again, because the onions in our burgers were too dry...

All I had for breakfast was fruit juice, because my stomach was hurting for a while after I had to hurry up to the bathroom to puke. This was sometime early in the morning, and I only had to puke once. Good. I did have lunch, a PB&J sandwich once I was all caught up on TV shows and finished rewatching some Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. My stomach pain went away as I was sleepy while watching Avatar, so I'll rewatch certain episodes again later this week.

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