Jul. 8th, 2017 10:44 am
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It's been a while... For some months, I could not get on Dreamwidth because each time I tried to change my password it wouldn't work. It wasn't until I tried to change my password with a different browser that's been on my laptop.

It's a good thing I'm back on this old blog of mine. I have a few backups on a few other sites, but I like customization and I've missed posting on this one.

A lot has happened, so I'll summarize!

-I've had to close down the building my family paid rent toward my bookstore. The lean on tax from the IRS thugs they put on for not paying income extortion in some years had changed things. Why? Because the income extortion law isn't a law that's been written down and published. (I suggest you look up the documentary on YouTube that's titled America; From Freedom to Fascism, if you don't already know this. You'll see for yourself on how the IRS responds to anyone who questions them this law.) If I'm going to continue my book, game, movie, etc. business, then it's going to have to be moved to online only. I have not gone back to organizing my inventory in a while, so I will need to get back to doing that sometime soon. (FYI, it is a fact that taxation is a euphemism for legitimized extortion throughout the Divided Statists of Amerika, AKA U.S. Inc. Why else would the definitions of taxation and extortion would be similar to each other? Go see for yourself. Be sure to observe this in an actual dictionary book, so you would be able to compare that with the online definitions.)

-I've been progressing in getting the items that I need to apply for a part-time job. It's been taking a little longer than necessary because I was never given a social security card upon birth. Most would think that having a birth certificate would be enough to help prove my identity to the local bureaucrats. Nope! That's not how it goes here with Maryland gooberment! There's a catch 22 in this not one-size-fits-all system; you can't have a social security card without having a current up to date photo ID. You can't have an up to date photo ID without having either a social security card, or certain documents you get from being either a government worker, having served in the military, are an immigrant, or having a form from working for someone else.

I have none of those things. The last time I called up the Social Security Administration number was sometime back in May. The guy I talked to who was much more patient than the lady who didn't give me much time to reply after just waiting on the phone for about over an hour. After we went over everything I don't have and not involved in (not employed, not in college, etc.), his only suggestion for me to do was to get a note from my family's doctor, and then adding that to my portfolio of documents before going to the local Social Security office building in person. With additional help with one of my parents that wouldn't hesitate to do so, that should be enough to get myself out of this annoying catch-22.

If not, then I'll have to go to take further action in court. I'd like to avoid having to do that, so we'll see how this goes.

I had a physical check-up appointment with my doctor earlier this week, and it went well. I have the note I needed from him, and it's with everything else I'll present to someone who works at the local Social Security Administration building. I'll be bringing a pen and notebook with me too, just in case I am blocked off once more from being able to apply for a job - to write down a name or more of those who might not be willing to accept everything I have. As far as I know, there's no more available hoops in which I can jump through.

-I'm back to making music. Most of my writing is on hold, for I've missed making instrumentals. I started a new game music remix project about a week ago, and I hope to get more material recorded for this weekend. =D

-I've still been busy at times educating myself on some days, reading a bit from the large mountain of books I have to help me research on all the BS that exists in U.S. Inc. Watching insightful documentaries, and looking at material that helps keep my mind sharp on the voluntaryist (AKA anarcho-capitalist/free market libertarian) philosophy I agree with.

-I've been communicating back and forth to friends a lot, some of them who are critical freethinkers. I found out one of them lives fairly close to me, in the same county here in MD. I'll tell a little more about him for another entry.

-Of course, my mom and I still go see friends of ours and play board games on Friday evenings! That's always fun. Sometime I will make an entry about some of the latest games we have, including a single-player boardgame I enjoy. =D

That's pretty much about it. I'll be putting up another entry soon, for I've been feeling motivated to blog today.
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I'll do some summarizing, since I can't stay up too late, and I will have to get up early.

-I've been doing various things to keep my mind busy most of the time. Writing poems about the truth has been fun. I still love my hilarious satire about Obama that I've posted. I'm thinking about writing another based on this ridiculous old TV report about ISIS terrorists luring "westerners" over on their side with emojis, Nutella, and videos with kittens. LMAO, no I cannot take that seriously! That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! I think the news segment came from CNN. It's about a year old, that I found through a video on one of the great researcher YouTube channels, TeamWakeEmUp. The nickname for those bunch shall be known as Center for Nutty News! XD

-Spaceballs is still hilarious. My mom and I watched it again after at least a year of not watching it with some friends earlier. It's one of my most favorite Mel Brooks films, other than Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

-I'm looking forward to doing group casts with members of the community group I've started on Writing.com; Wise Men and Women. I've been communicating with some awesome people.

-I found two more books to add onto reading. One of them is an interesting non-fiction book about Islamic law, since I've been aware that the tyrants over here in America are buddies with the crazies of Islam. Most people who aren't aware don't know this. They haven't even noticed. I intend to help point that out... The other book is something I'll read off of and make fun of, titled Politics for Dummies. Yeah, this will be good comedic material to insert into future podcast webisodes, lol. I'll read parts of it through my Propaganda Voice.

-There's really good quotations on political ignorance that I've found, and will want to share. I really like collecting quotations of wisdom, on various subjects.

-On July 12th, a house inspector person will be coming by to make sure my home doesn't contain lead poisoning. I'm very sure that it doesn't. My parents and I have experienced none of the symptoms for as long as we've lived in the same house for over 5 years, such as memory loss, abdominal pain, constipation, and mood disorders. As long as the person inspects the house to make sure it is safe. The guy who first asked Dad and me about lead poisoning was from the EPA. I've read a little something online about the EPA going along with Agenda 21. I'll learn more about that soon.

I'll be prepared as I'll ever be, in case the inspector tries to do anything suspicious. I honestly don't want to deal with any stuck up and bossy person telling me what I can and can't do, or tell me what's allowed and what isn't at home. My family and I hold no illegal substances. We don't even have any weapons. Hell no, I do not want to have to interact at all with someone who acts like this one guy who's been bossy towards these property owners in this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKRHMRTpDF8
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Managed to check up on a few of you too, yaaay...

Firstly, to sum up a few things, I've changed my working hours to Friday through Sunday, because the colder weather's coming back. Also, my dad's been needing my help to take care of him.

A while go, earlier this month, he had to go through surgery to get his kidney stones removed. He also lost his balance and fell down the stairs, fracturing his neck. He has to wear a neck brace for 6 to 8 weeks. He's hanging in there. Sometimes he has trouble moving around in the house, so someone needs to be there to help navigate him.

I've been sucked back into the roleplay writing. It's why I have not updated for some weeks. Oops... I definitely felt inspired to revive an ancient old muse after watching all of the series Kyle XY, this show I still really like that aired on the ABC Family channel. It ended at a horrible cliffhanger at the end of season 3 and was cancelled, but I still missed watching it!

My music I suppose is on slowiatus now, since I've been occupied and very motivated to do more RP with others around Twitter and Dreamwidth.

Where-it-will-get-lengthy... )
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Does this have to be a daily challenge? I don't think so. Besides, I get busy most of the time. :P

Day 2: The meaning behind your Blog name

I won't just tell you the meaning, but the story of why I chose this username as well.

Years back, there was this guy who had fallen head over heels in love about me, border-lining to almost desperately in love. I could not love him back because he was too forward to my liking. He kept making me feel uncomfortable to the point of being stressed out whenever he approached or contacted me.

We could hardly relate to each other at all. He wasn't even a good friend to begin with.

So, there was this one time in which he had upset me very much. I was upset to the point of crying. It was that bad, and his apology didn't seem all that genuine.

I should have told him back then we couldn't see each other at all, ever again--but no. I didn't even know he would persist to try and win my affections when all I've tried to do was just be friends with him. And he did not want that.

This is common for at least some ISFJ's. Sometimes when people take advantage of me and I've had a hard time saying no. This is also because I'm sometimes too nice. I don't like being mean. Constant negative energy is a mental poison that would disturb how I usually am if it does not cease; a mellow and friendly social butterfly that doesn't really fuss about most things.

I was being a hard-head, stubborn and wanting to believe that if I could help him on which direction to go so we could at least get along. In return, he had just about strained my patience. There was just no getting along with him. No chance. I don't know if he knows many introverts or not, but he didn't seem to understand that I at times needed my space.

I think in the same year when J. really upset me (nah, not going to type out his name) was when I bought my copy of Trapt's album, No Apologies. There's a song on it that has the same title as the album. While I was recovering, I listened to this quite a few times and felt better. I felt inspired to just be myself and no one else. Yes, it was also important to not be afraid of what I want and stand up for it.

Sometime after that, one of my motto's became this: no apologies. No apologies for being me, and not ever wanting to be someone else! I know I'm awesome, and have a strong sense of right from wrong. I'm proud to be ISFJ, and I'm content with where I currently am in my life.

I chose my username after the song, and living by its statement has gone on for at least 4 years now. It's been almost that long since J. and I parted ways for good. I love this song and all the rest of them on the CD.

In case you don't know this song, I'll embed a vid.


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