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In this one, I listed the great songs based on the problems that keep people away from the absolute truth; about the world leaders and the NWO agenda threat - one world government, one world religion, one world currency, etc.

There's all sorts of distractions to keep the masses busy and ignorant as governments, banksters, and their minions deceive and mislead us all the time. This playlist I've put together is about the variety of distractions, and obstacles. I found this quote a while back: "Terrorism is a psychological warfare. Terrorists try to manipulate us and change our behavior by creating fear, uncertainty, and division in society." - Patrick J. Kennedy, former Rhode Island U.S. Representative

Click to view cover and playlist. )
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If you haven't checked out the first volume by now, I recommend that you do. Each of the 8 songs was something I selected in a certain way for an introduction towards the self-education about the reality that is there outside of the artificial one, through music. A group of musicians have become aware for longer than I have. I've found a really wide selection of songs that cover the same basic, real problems that just keep happening; war, greed, hate, racism, problems with the school system... There's songs about these topics, old and new!

I even found some that are more specific to recent versions of our troubles. The faces, trends, and smaller details change, yet the problems in the world remain the same.

This next volume covers over what I've been going on about over education, for quite a while. Academic achievement isn't much of a priority in most schools. (If that was true, then my dad would have still been a high school teacher, who was helping many to think for themselves. Long story short: there was no doubt someone or a group of people who heavily pressured the principal and some of the teachers about getting rid of my dad. The whole false accusations of sexual harassments by a very troubled teenage girl was crazy. Anita Hoge's ordeal to stand up to the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. government tyrants is something I will have to type about in a separate entry...)

Most schools, especially public schools, are indoctrination centers. It's more on shaping and molding the students' behaviors and way of thinking. They're not taught to think for themselves, but to comply to follow rules. And conform to social groups, and accept the myth that government is there to look out for us. There's a mix of partial truths and lies in addition to all that.

This is a major factor towards the very deceiving system. This is part of the govt. tyrants' design in splitting the family unit, along with the gradually deliberate dumb-down of us 99%.

Ultimate Soundtrack For Humanity Vol. 2: Molding Them When They're Young )

I really, really like this playlist. Later on, I'll put together the third volume.
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I was inspired to branch out more and share my beneficial knowledge on that site. People on here definitely liked most of my Avatar: The Last Airbender fanmixes.

I was very selective in picking the 8 songs in the first volume of the Ultimate Soundtrack for Humanity, an introduction. This playlist's purpose is to first stir the conditioned people, to get them to start to think about what's going on. Much of these matters over the years has never really changed or improved! The same things have been happening over and over again throughout history!

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I find this quite powerful! I already know what the theme for volume 2 will be. Currently looking for the right kind of image cover. :)
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Does this have to be a daily challenge? I don't think so. Besides, I get busy most of the time. :P

Day 2: The meaning behind your Blog name

I won't just tell you the meaning, but the story of why I chose this username as well.

Years back, there was this guy who had fallen head over heels in love about me, border-lining to almost desperately in love. I could not love him back because he was too forward to my liking. He kept making me feel uncomfortable to the point of being stressed out whenever he approached or contacted me.

We could hardly relate to each other at all. He wasn't even a good friend to begin with.

So, there was this one time in which he had upset me very much. I was upset to the point of crying. It was that bad, and his apology didn't seem all that genuine.

I should have told him back then we couldn't see each other at all, ever again--but no. I didn't even know he would persist to try and win my affections when all I've tried to do was just be friends with him. And he did not want that.

This is common for at least some ISFJ's. Sometimes when people take advantage of me and I've had a hard time saying no. This is also because I'm sometimes too nice. I don't like being mean. Constant negative energy is a mental poison that would disturb how I usually am if it does not cease; a mellow and friendly social butterfly that doesn't really fuss about most things.

I was being a hard-head, stubborn and wanting to believe that if I could help him on which direction to go so we could at least get along. In return, he had just about strained my patience. There was just no getting along with him. No chance. I don't know if he knows many introverts or not, but he didn't seem to understand that I at times needed my space.

I think in the same year when J. really upset me (nah, not going to type out his name) was when I bought my copy of Trapt's album, No Apologies. There's a song on it that has the same title as the album. While I was recovering, I listened to this quite a few times and felt better. I felt inspired to just be myself and no one else. Yes, it was also important to not be afraid of what I want and stand up for it.

Sometime after that, one of my motto's became this: no apologies. No apologies for being me, and not ever wanting to be someone else! I know I'm awesome, and have a strong sense of right from wrong. I'm proud to be ISFJ, and I'm content with where I currently am in my life.

I chose my username after the song, and living by its statement has gone on for at least 4 years now. It's been almost that long since J. and I parted ways for good. I love this song and all the rest of them on the CD.

In case you don't know this song, I'll embed a vid.

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Last night, I was just cruising around on YouTube, at first listening to a mix of autotune awesomeness and nonsense. Mostly, cats on autotune. Why? I don't really know ahaha, but all the same that stuff's neat to listen to.


From there I listened to some of the more hilarious autotuned songs I heard before on Schmoyoho and theparodyfactory1 channels. (Two of my favorites by parodyfactory1 include "Do Dogs Have Brains?" and "Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll". Two of my favorites from Schmoyoho (AKA The Gregory Brothers) include "Reality Hits You Hard Bro" and "Tornado Song". I find them all rather fun and amusing to listen to.)

Then... )
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I even designed my own cover this time! (My RP/writing muse of Sokka approves of what I picked. I know he does!)

Click here to see, along with the track list! )

What can I say? I've been in such a music kick lately. XD I'm on a roll, and I'll want to do a mix for Toph sometime later!
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You can easily put together your own fan-mix playlists on it and share it with others! You choose a picture for the cover and choose what to put into the Annotations section too.

Playlists, they're great! I kind of want to start another one soon. Either Death Note or another mix towards another ATLA character. (I know of some songs I know that are Sokka-like!)

I feel sooo accomplished, after finishing putting the ultimate Zuko fan-mix soundtrack together! It's mostly songs, with a few great instrumentals that fit this character so, so well. I inserted 46 tracks (there's just a lot of great, fitting songs), and this is almost 3 hours of music, so it's something to listen to while surfing online for a good long while? XD There's a wide variety of songs I picked that represents different parts to Zuko's personality, his troubles, and his journey.

The Fight Inside from SilverFox Jams on 8tracks Radio.

Would you like to see the entire track list? )

I go on about a few of the songs I've discovered and put into that mix here... )

Aside from that, I've been writing some fan fic bit by bit. One of them has a quite complicated part, and there are little plot bunnies from different points in time that make me want to write those parts out. I know there will be more than one story here. The first I've already titled as Treading Carefully Between Sides, since one OC of mine will be traveling with Zuko, Iroh, and their crew. Her best friend will be with Aang, Sokka, and Katara. The bond of their friendship will be one of the things that change and make this something AU. Also, there will be these bad, nasty creatures...

I'm almost a quarter way done on my Darius Twin remix. It sounds awesome, and some of the time I've been breezing through this. Still, I know I'm going to be picking the hell out of it until it's as great as it's going to be.
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(The following I've mostly copied and pasted from my other current blog, at my website.)

Yay, I'm making time to update again!

I'd first like to list some songs that sound good when heard twice as fast. I was on YouTube again when trying this.

"Enter Sandman" and "Master of Puppets" by Metallica (If you need to hear something really, really energetic to wake you up, that should do the trick! XD)

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt (It sounds funky in places!)

"Say it Ain't So" by Weezer (This track sounds funky in places too!)

"Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin (This song at 1.5 playback speed is just awesome to rock out to.)

When I heard the following twice as fast, I cracked up.

"Original Prankster" by The Offspring (Hearing Dexter Holland rapping twice as fast in this song is hilarious. I could not stop laughing! I'm chuckling right now as I type this part.)

"Like a Surgeon", "Word Crimes", and "Amish Paradise" by Weird Al Yankovic (The third song's tempo is so Dance-y!)

I'm thinking I ought to share this whenever I do another podcast for my website. It would be something entertaining. I think some of my buddies around Proboards and Newgrounds might enjoy this. I'll do this, in addition to a list of topics I'll write down to talk about.

Luxliev I have not heard from for some weeks now, he might enjoy a podcast like that too. I know I mentioned him before on a previous podcast. If you missed that and can't be bothered to find it on my site's previous blog posts, I'll state that he is a musician and composer I found on Proboards one evening. He does game remixes as well as his own stuff. I just knew he has the potential to get better and gain a number of listeners, so I offered to give him advice. :)

I must say he's getting better at his own original music! I'm very happy for Lux. His remix of J-E-N-O-V-A is pretty good too.

Doing my own remix of that would be such a challenge, I just know it. I know I heard this awesome guitarist on YouTube, on his channel called Artificial Fear. His rock remix version amazed me so much! It's THE BEST! It's even better than the rendition in the Advent Children movie. All fans of Final Fantasy 7 really should look that up and listen to it!

It may be a really long while until I blow myself away doing my own version of it... I still want to make room for the Darius Twin Boss Fight remix I started weeks ago. (Darius Twin is a 2D scroller spaceship fighter game on the SNES. I enjoyed playing that so much as a kid, and I've taught myself on how to play the melodies from some of the game's music on two of my keyboards.) It's been fun on the RP sessions but I know I'm on a roll there!

...I also started on a new original project over the weekend, something with a hip-hop like beat to it. There's so few hip hop artists I actually like, that do not rap about money, sex, drugs, and gangs. (Hip hop instrumentals are what I like more.) I rarely listen to hip hop at all--but the elements to this genre are fun to experiment with.

Seriously, I am not putting the music on hiatus anytime soon. I've made at least five that sound really good. (For all of you on Dreamwidth, I'll put a list of hyperlinks to them.) I have a handful of ideas for other music projects in my head, and I just need to be persistent with myself to keep on making tunes.

Catching up with favorites and friends on SoundCloud and Newgrounds is something else I'd like to do at some point. I know I have some buddies at NG. Some are super talented at what they do. They're amazing. Step, theeketel, Pandasticality, VideoGameManiac...

Coming up: a second separate post that's a questions meme. I found this on my friends list.

Yet, before I do so, here are links to five of my completed music tracks I've been thinking about when writing part of this entry.

The Underground Machine (Newgrounds wouldn't let me put in the full title, Presenting the Underground Machine, so I had to shorten it. Why that title? Well, first let me say that I'm visual in my mind when writing and doing music. I imagine some kind of underground dance party music machine that's sort of defunct. The voice part kind of sputters and that cool guitar part is trying to be showcased, and the operator is trying to stop the voice part but is having a bit of technical difficulties at first on doing that... I think this is the first time I've mentioned this anywhere online ever. I don't know why, lol.)

That Big Loud Bass (This one has gotten over a hundred listens on my SoundCloud page! Also, a bunch of downloads. People who go there really like this one, and I understand why. The beats and low bass, and that snare are what I love most about this track. To pick up on the really low bass, you'd need to put on headphones to hear it clearly.)

Windows Sounds Mix (This one's actually a medley of mostly Windows sounds to different beats. Be sure to read the description about it. I say much more there, and the link to the track that inspired me to do this is on it. I might need to improve on the transitions here one day, but that will likely happen whenever I'll have less ideas I really want to get done!)

Mortal Kombat Komputer (My first video game remix ever! Oh my gosh, I really did an epic job on this one. This turned out to be longer and better than I first expected. In fact, this wasn't how it all first turned out, which is why I labeled it as version 1.2. I varied and cut back more on the percussion on this more than the first. A few of my friends at NG had given me some really good advice, and it made a huge difference. You're welcome to hear the first version if you want, but 1.2 is as good as it gets!)

Sonic.EXE Comes Out to Play (This has been my latest track, a tribute to a cool Creepy Pasta character! Creepily awesome! I say more about this in the description under the audio player.)


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