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First, I want to mention my new favorite website:

The overall community, that has THOUSANDS of writers from all over the world - they are really nice. Generous, even! An anonymous person gave me a gift of an upgraded version of my account. It ends by the end of August. I like putting together folders to organize my stuff... Maybe by the time the temporary upgrade is over, I can upgrade up again.

There are contests to join, and there are other groups and communities out there about various topics. I've even met some very like-minded people, who are just as aware as I am in the world about the on-going mess of problems that put us all at great risk. One of them has been a truther and political activist for over a decade, and she travels across the country with her husband in a large truck.

On, registered users are able to submit poetry, stories, and even other neat little things such as quizzes, polls, and crossword puzzles too.

Check it out, whenever! I love it. It's a great place to reach out, as well as a great place to interact with other writers.

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I commented on Ryan and friends' newest video today after I watched it, about them pulling a really simple yet great prank on this expert prankster, Yousef of FouseyTube. Yousef's reaction? PRICELESS! His scream, then falling down and laughing out loud cracked me up!

Not long after I posted the comment, Ryan had replied to it.

Haha, I'd be worried too if I were him. Sometime later, Yousef had posted a comment. "BY FAR THE MOST SIMPLE BUT GENIUS AND HILARIOUS PRANK I HAVE EVER SEEN! hahahahha. WHO SITS IN A BOX FOR OVER 2 HOURS?!?!?

DEAR RYAN, what will you do to protect yourself from my revenge?! >:)"

Here's the video, by the way.

Yousef tends to be a very creative pranker. (Haha, his Mortal Kombat in an elevator prank vids for example. I enjoyed those!) Ryan knows this already, so I'm sure he'll be watching his back for quite a while.

EDIT: I just made the icon I'm using. Because it's true!
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I thought about putting this post up earlier and I forgot. I found some awesome things and I want to share them.

Some Excellent Videos from a playlist I have on YouTube:

That one's an epic fan-made trailer of the whole series. Great cinematic score to it!

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Okay that's enough... Seriously. If you'd like to see my whole playlist go here:

Fan Fiction

Change the World by Princess Kassie

Water: Twist of Fate and Earth: Bring it Down by Sapphire Raindrop

So well written, and the ideas put into them gave me fic writing ideas. :)

Oh damn I gotta start cooking dinner. I'll show fabulous fanart and funny pics sometime later on!


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