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This might end up being novel worthy. (Damn, this is going to be long. I just know it will be, so I will write this out in parts.)

During a calm evening, Lisa saw something that made her pause, before looking up some music videos.

It was an old corporate news report listed in the recommendation of videos on YouTube. Lisa Rose wasn't entirely sure why it was there, or why the title of it had her curious; "Supreme Court Investigates Cover-up."

Usually, Lisa didn't take interest in watching the news. What journalists usually spoke about most of the time caused her to feel down or confused about why certain people would be so brutal towards one another, even in suburban neighborhoods that didn't look very different from the peaceful neighborhood she lived in, where very little crime happened. She didn't like thinking or hearing about people who would act so violent and crazy toward their neighbors or family members.

Every person on earth didn't act crazy. Of course not, not to her. Her parents were caring and helpful towards most people they met, as was Lisa herself. Throughout her life, she considered herself to be one of the lucky few in that had parents who remained married for so long. Her younger brother Max sometimes liked to annoy her, but not give her too much of a hard time. Acting like bit of a pest but being there for the older was a thing that some younger brothers typically did in routine. Or, maybe it was because she would sometimes wind up getting carried away in the middle of something creative or reading a book that lead to Max saying or doing something that would make her sigh or groan at his teasing. However, she still cared about him. He was a member of her family, and it was a responsible big sister thing to do, to visit and or keep in touch with him every now and then.

This old news report on YouTube didn't seem to be the usual average crime reports. As the blonde anchorwoman, Susie Chadwick, sat attentively in her salmon colored suit jacket and shirt as she reported about an previous hurricane that severely hit Orlando, Florida; Hurricane Cassandra.

I remember hearing about that, Lisa thought to herself. She couldn't recall many details of this tragic, for she didn't pay much attention to it. She was concerned about a friend who lived not very far from Orlando back then, and called her to see if she was okay. Much to the relief of them both, Patricia's hometown had survived Hurricane Cassandra.

Lisa didn't spend much more than a moment on the memory, for Chadwick's explanation along with what was being shown in the online video sounded quite interesting, and surprising. "Today, Agent Tom Fodder, head of the investigation, is on trial for the covering up for FEMA's irresponsibile actions to not say anything about the thousand survivors who were ill, will be questioned for tampering with evidence."

There was a zoom-up on the face of the FBI agent's face. He looked to be in his fifties at least. He was partially bald, his thin gray hair combed over at the sides. He looked calm under pressure as Susie Chadwick reported further about him getting caught of covering up for what appeared to be formaldehyde poisoning that happened to too many innocent people.

The judge, a man who looked a few years younger than Agent Fodder, looked and sounded displeased as it was the courtroom hearing was briefly shown. Judge Conrad, according to the appearing and fading subtitle screen below where his head down to his shoulders were, looked at the agent with a stern look.

Lisa, sitting in front of her laptop, watched in interest and bewilderment as Agent Fodder calmly explained himself. "Director Tom Walberg had threatened to end my life if I chose to say anything."

( be continued! My creativity for this story scene thing fizzled out just now. I don't want to stay up too late either, because I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow.)
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Other than setting up videos and preparing for the next podcast, I've been researching more, for hours at a time through online articles, videos, and through the really good books I've found. I've been reading 4 of them, a chapter at a time each.

I've been writing poetry every now and then still. I still love There's definitely a few people who are aware as me. :D

I've been managing to keep cool while at work. What I do is not move around very much, and sit near the fan. There's this really good cooling towel my mom lets me borrow, and that helps - in addition to bringing an ice back and two bottled drinks to put in my big lunchbox. It's one of those kinds that construction workers usually have, lol. It's good and sturdy, and my stuff keeps cool for hours.

In between researching, I've gotten into this game I got to install for free, from the Windows App store. It's called Dragon Mania Legends. The dragons you breed, hatch, feed, and level up - so many of them are so cute! I recorded a few gameplay videos and uploaded them onto my YouTube channel, so you're welcome to check those out at any time.

I like dragons. Especially the good ones that are adorable and eat various kinds of fruit. There's a BUNCH of types of dragons who shed gold, as time passes. With the gold coins, you can purchase other dragons and their habitats! You can also use the gold coins to produce the fruit from the farms. There are also the gem game money. Once in a while, a dragon or two would shed those. If you have a lot of them, you could purchase a rarer breed of dragon or something...

Also, the free things and challenges in this game are pretty cool! You can challenge other players at the battle arena. Sometimes you can hire a friend's dragon to join the fight when one of your dragons gets defeated during a battle.

There's about 200 or so dragons to collect, raise, and breed. As of now, I have around 22 dragons. The more dragons you have, the more gold you can collect and be able to do things in the game.

Oh, and there's this little event that happens about once a day when you spin this well to get a prize. Sometimes it's a gem. Sometimes it's dragon's fruit, and sometimes it's gold...

I hope to find the Enemy of the State DVD sometime soon, for it is one on a list of movies that reflect and expose some truths. I definitely want to own the movie They Live. That one is so metaphorically true!! In my latest video, I talked a little about that.

Eagle Eye is worth watching, especially since Shia LaBeouf in a TV spot interview talks about FBI spying in the special features. I should watch that one again for myself.

I have a list of other movies I want to find, just because they are based on real secret societies (The Skulls and From Hell are two examples), the deception in the music industry (Josie and the Pussycats), and this movie that looks really interesting about astronauts having to participate in a movie set to pretend to do their Mars mission - called Capricorn One.

I found out about these movies from someone who's definitely in the know to the deception around the freemasons and bad governments. ODD TV. Look him up on YouTube. His songs are really good, hard hitting truth, and his analysis videos on MKULTRA in a few family/kids movies and dolphins and whales in sci-fi films are all interesting. I know he is genuine, for he's mentioned about two of the online disinformation agents I've been aware of; Bill Hicks (AKA Alex Jones) from InfoWars and Stefan Molyneux. Those guys are nutjobs, lol. Disinfo agents don't talk about themselves or other disinfo agents. That would mean having to talk about their secrets behind their kooky spin.

I'll share a newer poem of mine in another entry in the near future. That's all for now!
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While just Google Image Searching on a whim, I found this really interesting meme on this random blog site I found. I'm going to give it my best shot. Along the way I'm sure there's much to know about me, and some deep and fun things to discover that I wasn't aware of before.

Here's the whole list of objectives for future entries! )

This will get lengthy. Don't want to stretch out your Friends' pages. )

Woot, I did it! I came up with 15 things about me at random! Now, to start on Day 2. :)
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Last Monday, after it snowed over a few inches, my family and I had no water coming from the sinks and toilets. Luckily, we didn't have too long of a wait for the plumber to come by. All he needed to do was flick the switch on the water pump!

My dad got to go to an AA meeting on Thursday. I had to clear up some of the snow and make a pathway from the front porch to the walkway before his ride came. I had to take a break mid-way through doing so, 'cause it was 17 degrees. Also, the snow was almost as hard as a rock, so I hand to jab into that with the shovel to loosen it. Ugh...

Over the weekend, I got a teeny bit of writing and music done! I'm most likely halfway done on the experimental hip hop style track. I really like that beat I've been messing around on. The bassline I've put together is simple, yet it fits into place really nice with the synth notes and cave catacomb drippy ambient loop.

I'm thinking "Catacombs" is going to be a short track, 2-3 minutes long. I don't have much planned for this one. My Darius Twin Boss Theme remix is something I intend to experiment and prepare for more.

As for my Death Note story, Crawl, I couldn't get much done over the weekend, aside from some editing. I can't really get into the mindset of angsty Light Yagami when it's freezing out. *sigh* I'm hoping for a warmer weekend! I'm so done with winter now.

Also, over last week:

-I found out that my Nintendo 64 still works! I've started a new game of Majora's Mask and I'm almost halfway into it. I just got Epona (Link's mare) back. That damn bird stole one of my bottles, so I think I need to buy it back from the Curiosity Shop before I warp back to Romani Ranch to defend the barn from alien invaders... (LOL it's been ages since I last played this game, yet I remember what happens if you fail to defend that girl and the cows. Majora's Mask is dark, spooky, and crazy in some places. I love it.)

I've also been playing Gex 3, Mario Kart 64, and Star Fox 64. All these games are still fun!

-I made this awesome music video. My newest RP muse has been really inspirational to me! The song I found to be fitting to the Majora character really well. The chaotic feel to it, definitely! I also feel pretty good about the editing.

Last but not least, I welcome [personal profile] adraekh to my friends list. I'm currently bored at the moment, and one of my RP buddies isn't on AIM yet (I want to tell him about my Majora muse and future plot ideas), so I'll check up on the Reading Page.
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-I go back to work tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold, but I have kerosene, along with what I need to make myself some hot chocolate! Hnnng, I hope it won't take a long time to warm the place up because I want to do some writing for my fic, Crawl. I open from 10 AM to 6 PM, and that gives me time to write whenever traffic is slow.

I snagged a couple of photos to write out descriptions of, as well as Light's reaction to seeing such weird looking items in a store--from odd to oh, I so did not need to see that. That is, once I get to that part. In the beginning it's inner ramblings and angst coming from Light. My own character's being such a pain for him, and the "entity" that plucked her away from where she was to place her near him is causing him some stress he really doesn't need. What he does upon deciding how to not end up worrying about my Sim from sneaking around at night involves using something quick and effective to keep her in place. Where he goes to purchase such an item will disturb him a little, and it's a shop in which he wouldn't normally go, not at all. (I intend for that bit to be funny.)

-Yesterday, on a whim while just looking around on YouTube, I was curious to listen to some dark music in non-horror games and looking at the strange and unsettling things in the Legend of Zelda games. As I was doing this, a new roleplay writing muse came about. I AU'd the mask of Majora, taking place sometime after the story in the game ends! So far, this muse is really creepy and evil. It likes to pull some pranks too, to pass the time. Majora has some extra powers, and on the dear_mun community, there's a Ganondorf! Yay! 8D

I mean--oh no, this could get really bad for the heroes, if those two and my Primal Rage game AU formed an alliance! There's another muse of mine who's very familiar with the Majora's Mask game and has played it a few times.

[personal profile] majoras_mask <--This is the new character journal account I made. I think I made a little over half of the icons for it. I figured out how to make some great animated icons through this online image editor I know of... but I think I need to shrink the image size so the file size for icon usage is under 40 KB. I'm sure I'll figure it out! I think they'd be okay to use for message forums though, if not for places like around here, or on LJ.

I'm in a Majora's Mask Love mood.... )
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Yesterday at work was slow. Mom and I even stayed over at my bookstore a little longer and played a few board games while we were hoping for people to come in, because my bookshop is nearby an auction house. There was an auction indeed, but it didn't seem to interest most people much, and they all left. :/

So, my mom and I left not long after that and went home.

Today, I sold a bunch of books! Yay! Most of who came to shop were new customers, too.

I also managed to get some fanfic editing done!

More about a really intense Death Note fic I'm excited about getting back to )
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This morning, I got a new plot bunny for one of Anri's prompts! It just came to me!

Anri, from Durarara, has this katana (named Saika) with a female personification - a crazy motherly one that wants to be connected to all of the human race. For those who don't know anything about this anime and manga, I typed up a glossary of terms on my Anri character journal, so to get an idea of how twisted Saika's love toward humanity is, check it out:

For the prompt I picked titled Slash, I think it's definitely a very interesting idea to write through Saika's POV, the feelings and thoughts of this sentience object of darkness from the day she chose Anri to after the Saika Arc.

I know that whenever I do RP with this character, I mention on what happens with Saika's whispering mantra of "I love you I love you I love you I love you..." For example: If Anri's in danger around dangerous people, the whispers in her mind that Anri usually tunes out, then she would hear the whispering sound louder, and whispering something like, "I love you I love you I love cut mother love love cut..." This is more head canon than pure canon, by the way. This was never really mentioned in the anime, or manga.

I think this prompt idea would be great and really interesting to do. I don't think I've seen any story idea like this on, or on Archive Of Our Own. I usually think up things no one else has thought before anyway. That's nothing new to me.

Anri's one of my most favorite characters of this series. She's complicated, and is just this mess inside, apart from having a supernatural katana that she keeps as a secret from most. She's afraid of love (the very emotion itself in general) since she was a little girl, yet she still yearns for happiness, to be loved. She loved her parents very much, yes, but there were at times when her father had been abusive to both his wife and Anri herself. I believe her father was a bit of an alcoholic, because alcohol can definitely transform a kind and loving person into a bad tempered and violent person. (This would be another plot device bunny by the way, for the prompt Victim.)

I relate to this a little, from when I was much younger. My dad used to be an alcoholic so very long ago, and he at times scared me. I won't ever touch an alcoholic beverage, not ever. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. It can severely damage families, both physically and emotionally.

Fortunately, the damage in my family didn't get to the point to falling apart. My parents have been married for over 20 years now, and never divorced. Once, and only once during my childhood did they separate for a while, and that was a close call...

Both prompts for Anri and Saika will be absolutely emotional, and dark. Getting Slash started this weekend would be great. Yes, I want to do this one first. Then, after that, I'll write out Victim.
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I just joined [personal profile] kalloway's supportive creative community [community profile] onedeadplotbunny. It looks very interesting, and I think I might need some help to inspire and motivate myself on going back to writing at least one of my Death Note fanfictions. I have one on called Collide, about this suspenseful concept I've completed 14 chapters for. I'll copy and paste the summary I wrote... (It's self-insert ish, just to give a heads up. Ish, because I'll be writing changes for my own original character as I write more for this.)

Summary )

So far, this has been written really well. It's believable too. Over 50 people on love this story. It's been two years since I last wrote anything for it, but I hadn't forgotten all about it! I'm just slow in making room for it. >.<

Also, I think I might want to get back into writing character prompts for my muses again. So far it's one word prompts for my two Durarara ones; Anri Sonohara, and Izaya Orihara. I've felt inspired between two people on my friends list. You know who you are. ;)

Victim, Slash, and Knife I think would be good for Anri. Knife and Crime would be good for Izaya.

If anything else comes to mind, I'll edit in those future story ideas.


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