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- I may not update this very often, and I will try to check on your blogs. It may be weeks to a month, depending on how much I busy myself, but it's not like I'll totally forget about you.

- I'm entitled to my own opinions, likes, loves, dislikes, and hates. This is my outlet for anything I want to post and share about. No heavy negative comments, all right? I won't respond to those. I don't respond to trolls either.

- Comment reasonably. "TyPiNg lIkE tHiS" or using l33t gets annoying to read. I won't respond to any of those.

- If you're going to be DW friends with me, I'd like there to be at least one to a few common interests between us.

- I may sporadically post about certain fandoms I like, memes that I find interesting and/or entertaining, and anything creative I'd be very pleased with. I like sharing things! I hope you won't mind.

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This is a continuation of what I started a little while ago, a day after an admirer of John Maynard Keynes (British economist) messaged me some incredibly foolish claims; that they didn't matter, and that "all ideas require force."

Let's go over what he said a bit. All ideas require force. It's as if voluntary ideas, according to him, don't exist at all, or haven't ever existed at all! According to the Keynesian Dolt's incredibly wacky claim, it's as if everyone is forcing anything onto anyone all at once; all party invitations, all of the friendly social gatherings, all of the of plays, movies, tv shows, game developing, and so on being the result from the initiation of aggression, or defensive force.

LOL... If that were true, then humanity wouldn't have evolved to adapt and live together in groups for very long at all. Keynesian Dolt wouldn't have been born. I know I wouldn't have been born, in the year 1984. XD

It's possible that he, in part, did not mean what he said in a literal sense. However, he still rejected the basic fact that good ideas don't require the use of force. He didn't agree with the positive statement that good ideas don't require force.

Did he object to that out of fear, ignorance, or both? I'd say it was both. For some reason, being as free as one can be from aggressive force, and to fully recognize each other as self-owning human beings is scary to him.

Yeah, this is going to get lengthy... )
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- I got some more videos up on my YouTube channel. Check those out whenever. I even mirrored a collaboration video I participated in with some friends. This video is called "Questions for Socialists". ...Oh, and if you look through my video uploads, you'll see a video version that I did of my first entry that I wrote about ethics!

- I've engaged in a few chat livestream stuff on YouTube. It's been fun and interesting. I've even started to challenge the left and one right statist (and a mutualist-anarchist) to think about what it is they advocate for.

- I'll eventually start livestream debates with these leftists, starting with Wolf Leftist. He's a 13 year old kid, who calls himself a Libertarian-Marxist. Or in other words, a Libertarian-Communist/Socialist/Leftist. If you scroll down, you'll see that we already started debating Capitalism VS Socialism in the comments section under his video response to "Questions for Socialists". He was the first one to respond to this video. Not even 24 hours have passed on the same day this collab video had been uploaded and mirrored.

Not long before I decided that I wanted to debate with him, we spoke briefly in Google Hangouts, after a friend's 50/60 Subscribers livestream chat. He somewhat agreed about fighting for liberty with ideas, so that is opportunity to use the Socratic Method on him.

The Socratic Method is named after the Greek philosopher, Socrates. This conversation/debate dialogue model involves asking another honest questions about his or her opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs. The person who is being asked those questions is left with the decision to respond.

I've used the Socratic Method for debating statists more than once, and it's really good to use to observe and notice how a person thinks and reasons. It's also possible to notice at least one contradictory belief that they share...

One of Wolf Leftist's friends is a somewhat lazy pseudo-intellectual, and is younger than Wolf Leftist. Kommissar Squirrley is the username he goes by on Twitter and YouTube. He doesn't believe statism exists at all when it definitely does. He claims that anarcho-capitalism is a mental disability. Heh heh, right...

I have an idea as to a fun and educational way to make a game out of this debate, but I'll want to go over this idea with the both of them. It's something that's not so win-lose as it is to more of a win-win.

First, I need to prepare myself by doing some research on history, and some basic economics. That's something I intend to start doing this week!

- I now have Discord!! It's a very cool chat server app. I got something installed on it, called Better Discord, in which you can insert custom-made skins.

If you would like to join my most open-server for all friends I have made online, then let me know by PM or leaving a comment. =) I'll PM you the link to the server, along with my contact.

- On LiveJournal, I set up a photo album online of the pictures I took while playing the different variety of board games with my mom and our friends. I've yet to update the album again sometime.

- As for dealing with that pesky catch-22 shit between the DMV and Social Security clowns, I should be able to present a copy of my medical records to the local Social Security Administration building sometime this month or next month.

That's pretty much it as to what's been going on with me recently. A lot of stuff that hasn't been a dull moment at all.
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I tried to help show how she needed to help herself on understanding what self-ownership really means, and I tried to help her understand what I wanted her to know and understand when it comes to being a real, genuine human being.

You can't get through to such a person who doesn't want to start helping herself. She prefers to use others to get what she wants, instead of honest one on one communication. She blames anyone but herself, and she feels she doesn't have to prove herself whenever she lies. All she does is deny, lie, and project her own problems onto everyone else, while refusing to admit to her own wrongs at the same time. She tends to take herself way too seriously, and her actions betray the words she says, because she lacks self control when she's pissed off...

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There is a type of mental disorder I know about that really should be addressed. It's a very common one, but there's an amount of people who would rather not recognize it, no matter how bad it is.

The solution to cure this disorder should be simple, but it's not. It not only requires time to understand how the human brain works. Curing oneself of it not only requires the understanding how and why various groups of individuals behave the way they do. It also requires self-examination, persistence, and courage to get more people to become aware of why they are insecure and uncertain about themselves. And more, because this disorder is so deep rooted within so many.

It's insanely bad, because it's caused a lot of human suffering for several years, partially due of the lack of knowledge about it. It's caused a lot of people to be at conflict with each other, as well as within themselves without really being aware of it.

What I'm explaining is not just any mental disorder, by the way. It's man-made, and institutionalized through very sinister ways. It's a psychological conditioning embedded so deep within the larger majority of the human race.

Dang. Once I get writing I can never keep it very short. )
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This might end up being novel worthy. (Damn, this is going to be long. I just know it will be, so I will write this out in parts.)

During a calm evening, Lisa saw something that made her pause, before looking up some music videos.

It was an old corporate news report listed in the recommendation of videos on YouTube. Lisa Rose wasn't entirely sure why it was there, or why the title of it had her curious; "Supreme Court Investigates Cover-up."

Usually, Lisa didn't take interest in watching the news. What journalists usually spoke about most of the time caused her to feel down or confused about why certain people would be so brutal towards one another, even in suburban neighborhoods that didn't look very different from the peaceful neighborhood she lived in, where very little crime happened. She didn't like thinking or hearing about people who would act so violent and crazy toward their neighbors or family members.

Every person on earth didn't act crazy. Of course not, not to her. Her parents were caring and helpful towards most people they met, as was Lisa herself. Throughout her life, she considered herself to be one of the lucky few in that had parents who remained married for so long. Her younger brother Max sometimes liked to annoy her, but not give her too much of a hard time. Acting like bit of a pest but being there for the older was a thing that some younger brothers typically did in routine. Or, maybe it was because she would sometimes wind up getting carried away in the middle of something creative or reading a book that lead to Max saying or doing something that would make her sigh or groan at his teasing. However, she still cared about him. He was a member of her family, and it was a responsible big sister thing to do, to visit and or keep in touch with him every now and then.

This old news report on YouTube didn't seem to be the usual average crime reports. As the blonde anchorwoman, Susie Chadwick, sat attentively in her salmon colored suit jacket and shirt as she reported about an previous hurricane that severely hit Orlando, Florida; Hurricane Cassandra.

I remember hearing about that, Lisa thought to herself. She couldn't recall many details of this tragic, for she didn't pay much attention to it. She was concerned about a friend who lived not very far from Orlando back then, and called her to see if she was okay. Much to the relief of them both, Patricia's hometown had survived Hurricane Cassandra.

Lisa didn't spend much more than a moment on the memory, for Chadwick's explanation along with what was being shown in the online video sounded quite interesting, and surprising. "Today, Agent Tom Fodder, head of the investigation, is on trial for the covering up for FEMA's irresponsibile actions to not say anything about the thousand survivors who were ill, will be questioned for tampering with evidence."

There was a zoom-up on the face of the FBI agent's face. He looked to be in his fifties at least. He was partially bald, his thin gray hair combed over at the sides. He looked calm under pressure as Susie Chadwick reported further about him getting caught of covering up for what appeared to be formaldehyde poisoning that happened to too many innocent people.

The judge, a man who looked a few years younger than Agent Fodder, looked and sounded displeased as it was the courtroom hearing was briefly shown. Judge Conrad, according to the appearing and fading subtitle screen below where his head down to his shoulders were, looked at the agent with a stern look.

Lisa, sitting in front of her laptop, watched in interest and bewilderment as Agent Fodder calmly explained himself. "Director Tom Walberg had threatened to end my life if I chose to say anything."

( be continued! My creativity for this story scene thing fizzled out just now. I don't want to stay up too late either, because I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow.)
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Ethics: Moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. (Synonym terms include: moral code, morals, morality, values, rights and wrongs, principles, ideals, standards [of behavior], value system, virtues, and dictates of conscience)

Etymology definition: "the science of morals," c. 1600, plural of Middle English ethik "study of morals" (see ethic). The word also traces to Ta Ethika, title of Aristotle's work. Related: Ethicist.

Etymology definition of the word moral: mid-14c., "pertaining to character or temperament" (good or bad), from Old French moral (14c.) and directly from Latin moralis "proper behavior of a person in society," literally "pertaining to manners," coined by Cicero ("De Fato," II.i) to translate Greek ethikos (see ethics) from Latin mos (genitive moris) "one's disposition," in plural, "mores, customs, manners, morals"

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There's this Holier Than Thou ignoramus of a statist on Twitter I had debated with, earlier today. It was overall unproductive, and it didn't really go anywhere. I'm reasonably annoyed at him now, and I just need to vent for a little while. He apparently doesn't know how to understand the definitions of words. He is morally bankrupt as well. His logic is flawed due to Authority Support Syndrome (ASS).

I'll put this under a cut. This rant will likely be lengthy. )
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(I'm writing this all down so I can read the following aloud on for my next YouTube video. The truth must not be censored out!! This might be pointless to ever try to reason with all the feminists and SJWs that go to government to create safe spaces for them online, but I still have to try.)

To the feminists and SJWs who want YouTube sanitized of any views you disagree with on YouTube - I have this important message to say to all of you.

I'll try to be as nice and honest as I can as to how I think and feel about the choices you have made. I won't name-call. My intent is not to insult.

I hope that some of you will listen to this video all the way to the end, to share with your friends and families. I really would like you to both open your hearts and minds to what I have to say...

I first want to say to all of you in the feminist and SJW community as individuals on how I am sincerely sorry for you all - on how easy it must be for you to get your feelings hurt. That must be very difficult for you to experience.

If it was like that for me, I could imagine self-harming myself. I could imagine going through constant misery and heartache, feeling outnumbered and suffocated due to an amount of people I wouldn't be able to stand, because of their opinions that would go against mine. I could imagine being unable to be truly satisfied with myself because of these feelings that would be dominant inside of me.

I'm not speaking out of hate, or anger by the way. I'm trying to sympathize with you a bit, through my perspective.

As it is understandable to me that some people may say things out of hate to you, and to say racist things about you and the people you care for. It's evident that not everyone is out to get you. I'm not out to get you. I wouldn't be an aggressor towards people. That's not how I live my life.

I'm one of those stubborn optimists. I'm also very much a realist, with an open mind. I'm about encouraging people to educate themselves on real-world issues. Things that not everyone is talking about, that's not being talked about on your news TV channels, or online news media such as The Young Turks. I also point out the hypocrisies and immoralities within politics. Politics tends to bring out the worst in humanity, all over the world.

I'm not assuming anything, but I think it's safe to say that a lot of you may understand that already. Otherwise you wouldn't feel so strongly against world views that are the opposite of yours. Right?

I would like to speak about your recent demands are on the new content policies you'd like YouTube to have, and go over why I don't agree with your intentions to enforce censorship.

I understand that you tend to feel offended by certain facts and opinions. From what I've observed, in watching some of what you say and how you react to them on YouTube - I've found it concerning to about your intentions to want to protect your feelings and values over understanding how people really are, and understanding why they think and feel differently from you. And understanding the reasons why the way you behave is not attractive to others outside of your realms of who you are as individuals.

Not everyone agrees on the same things, and that's not going away. Bad people and their bad choices will never go away. Making that go away by making it law to prop yourselves up and block others off, based on wanting YouTube to be your own safe space, without having to worry about opposing views at all - leads to consequences for everyone, including yourselves.

Why do you feel and think it's necessary to enforce policies to match with what you like and are comfortable with to be more valuable and more credible than everyone else's? It's one thing to not like and disagree with opinions and facts, but it's another to want to impose what you want onto everyone else. Isn't it? The saying goes, revenge is best served cold, but I must ask you; do you really believe you will achieve the respect and happiness you've always wanted, by doing what other people did to hurt you?

You'd hate it soooo much if someone you did that to you, so why would you want that done to them? To have it happen first, before anyone else can do the same thing to you?

I'm talking about fairness. I'm talking about reason, and moral consistency. If you want peace of mind online and offline around everyone else, then you've got to let them be in peace.

Look, you can't fight hate with hate. You can't fight racism with racism, or use force backed with more force to have people accept and appreciate you for who you are. That leads to more hatred, suppression, and racism.

This, on both the left-side and right-side communities, is self-destructive behavior. I get that you're engaging in a war against the patriarchy and white supremacy. And violent extremist views. As you let yourselves protest in these conflicts, I wonder if all of you know that you're also at war with yourselves.

Yes, you are at war with yourselves, inside your own minds and hearts. And your choices for YouTube will hinder with even what I'm allowed to do online; spreading freedom, truth, wisdom, and positive philosophies. But the truth hurts you in places, right?

It shouldn't though. It really shouldn't, because it is harmful to control people with lies! Censoring out facts will just give others the opportunity to manipulate as many people as they can.

Are you really trying to help rid of the world of inhumane things (racism, sexism, discrimination towards LGBT's), or is it your goal to want to attract more and more inhumane human behaviors around you?

I'm sure you've been furious over transgender people being banned to join the military, for example - but consider this. Look at the first four letters in soldier. S-O-L-D. What I'm saying is, don't allow yourselves to sell yourselves out to cause senseless violence in other countries. To understand what I mean here, I will have to leave the subject of the Military-Industrial-Complex for another video.

Or, if you'd like to, you could look into that on your own...

You want to get rid of racism, mass violence, and want to be loved for your independence and choices, right?

I'm not asking these questions to offend you. I, as a concerned (and frustrated) American, am offering you some beneficial and positive wisdom to take with you. A new approach on what you feel you must do.

How many of you are familiar with the Law of Attraction? It's an interesting philosophy on thought and belief; that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their lives. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts (and emotions) are all made from pure energy, and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships.

Here's an easy way for you to understand this. Carrying and sending positive energy within ourselves attracts more positives. Carrying and sending negative energy within ourselves attracts more negatives.

I'll leave a link in the description box under this video for you to look at, in case you may want to learn more about the Law of Attraction. (I'll leave the link on this entry of mine to find it easier:

So, with the Law of Attraction in mind, I'm investing in positive energy of my own to attract positive energy from you. Because a positive outcome is possible, when you know how to communicate to others through peaceful cooperation.

I'm just trying to help you out here, by speaking as a voice of reason.

I advise you now to take off those new policies. YouTube will become worse than you think it is now, because of the new creator content policies you want set in place. It's not too late to change your minds. Right?

Letting your insecurities, vanities, and your emotional needs to be valued over everyone else will destroy what made YouTube great.

I'm not speaking in defense of racism and violence. I'm defending freedom and liberty for all. Freedom from all the crazy, insane, and inhumane things requires everyone to be free of it through voluntary interactions. Using force to pressure everyone into agreeing with you is not freedom. Putting an authoritarian wedge between yourselves and the people you can't stand is not freedom.

How can you hope to heal the world of racism and hate when you carry racism and hate inside yourselves? That's morally inconsistent. Morally lopsided...

Yes, I know and understand well that this world is a scary and backwards place, but it takes civil and mature people to stop and ask themselves what they're doing. You must take time and effort to heal yourselves, by taking a path to productive and enjoyable experiences that don't lead to conflict with others.

A moral and peaceful human society must have people who are both compassionate and intelligent. One virtue without the other is a recipe for disaster. Caring idiots and heartless geniuses can both cause serious damage, and they do it together - usually with one side manipulating over the other.

We can change that, through self-education and learning from one another...

My bad if I come off as preachy, but you needed to hear all that. I had to say something, because if YouTube gains more and more censorship, then it is likely going to be the same for any other video uploading site. A lot of censorship is tyranny on freedom of speech. That's so much worse than hate-speech itself.

I'd rather not be accused of wrong-think, in a near-future Orwellian dystopia. I know you wouldn't want that either, so why can't we just talk to each other? Why can't we debate, ask each other questions, and get along?

I know, it must be tough for you to imagine, to even begin on getting along with Trump supporters. It might be rough to even consider befriending me, an independent who never votes for anyone to represent me. But that's what needs to happen.
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Churning, churning
Endless cycles of violence,
Confusion, and fear
Breeding hate and distractions

Printing out the I.O.U.'s
Increasing your interest rates
Spending, wasting paper money
Enforcing debts and taxes
Too big to jail
Printed green slips based on nothing

Bailing out, the coward's way
Unable to take criticism well
Contempt and ignorance towards truth,
And understanding your lies
Hired propagandists cheer you on,
As you set up your endless wars
Setting your pawns out to kill
Each other, and plunder from those who live
In third world countries

Cruel Policies
Your enforcing mercenaries
Your favored judges and courts
Your bribes from lobbyists
Your unjust laws
Brainwashing minds
Constant lies
Breads and circuses
Bogus censorship
Justice horribly blind

Destructive Nature
Germ Warfare
Dictators in health-care
Slowly crushing,
Destroying children's innocence
Trying to normalize pedophilia

"Gender fluid"
Social Justice Warriors
Rioters orchestrated,
Being as immoral,
And violent as you

Your unfair, insane systems
Are cancerous viruses
Spreading wide and rampant
As you point your fingers
To those who call you out
On your lunacy and tyranny
Calling them paranoid
Calling them threats to societies.

Your shills and moniturds are hilarious!
None of them are Batman, nor any kind of hero
You psychos are not looking so good,
As you crave for more crime,
More lunacy, more hate
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I've been revisiting the band Muse's music for a while this week. I appreciate what they do. I really do, for a lot of what this British rock band is about is pro-liberty. They are very anti-state, anti-oppression, and anti-collectivist/anti-globalist. They've become very successful with many fans all over the world, but not all of them seem to understand as well as I do on what's been going on. (Eventually, they'll get there. Well, I hope so!)

I remember reading from a few places online that the vocalist and guitarist Matt Bellamy was a left-leaning libertarian. It's from two older news articles anyway. It's outdated. I think they've steered far away from socialism and communism by now! To me at least, their latest album titled Drones reveals a lot about that! JFK's speech before his assassination, the album's front cover, etc. They are strongly against indoctrination and mind control. They've protested a lot against this in some of their songs. "MK Ultra", "The Handler", and "Psycho" for example. I love all three of those, and I'm still hooked on their song "Madness". It's honest, catchy, and in the lyrics is call for escaping the madness of this backwards world. There's the line, I have finally seen the light, and I have finally realized - I need to love! I need to love!

I had pondered about where they currently stood on and off for a while, since last night, lol. Now I'm very positive on this.

Have you heard their newest song, Dig Down? It's a very positive song, that encourages the listener(s) to find a way to break away from the oppressive, fear-mongering, and unjust powers that shouldn't be - and to find peace. I think the new song is growing on me some. In my own small way, I am rooting for these guys.

Lyrics to their song Dig Down:

When hope and love has been lost
And you fall to the ground
You must find a way
When the darkness descends
And you're told it's the end
You must find a way

When God decides to look the other way
And a clown takes the throne
We must find a way
Face the firing squad
Against all the odds
You will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When you're close to the edge
With a gun to your head
You must find a way

When friends are thin on the ground
And they try to divide us
We must find a way
We have entered the fray
And we will not obey
We must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When they've left you for dead (dig down)
And you can only see red (dig down)
You must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Find faith
We won't let them divide (dig down)
We will never abide (dig down)
We will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down

The music vibe and lyrical content is sort of like gospel music - but I don't think this song is to find faith in a religion (because of "when God decides to look the other way"). I think they're trying to send the message of finding faith and hope in humanity again.

Right now on YouTube, there's two different versions of this song. There's their original music video, and the on-going YouTube streaming that's an A.I. lyrical version of the song. The music video is cool. The A.I. lyric is interesting, and I once just hung out in the stream chat for a little over 2 hours and had to turn down the volume of the loop as I did. I like the original version of this song more than the loop honestly. It's a creative, unique, and different take for any song, but the repetitiveness of it in the loop eventually gets a little dull.

I look forward to hearing more new songs from Muse. =)
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One of my friend's Twitter accounts has been suspended for no doubt bogus censorship reasons. Not cool. The Twitter moniturds are at it again.

My friend Earl, a U.S. Army and National Guard veteran, can't use Twitter as a platform to spread truth anymore.

It's only a matter of time until the apathetic stooges at YouTube close down his channel. Eventually, if the elite psychos get more of what they want, then it will be one day considered an absolute crime to criticize Israel at all. There's this awful bill that U.S. Lawmakers want set into place.

I first heard of this bill through one of the voluntaryist channels I've subscribed to on YouTube.

This is abuse of power. It's disgusting. It's NOT a crime to not want to have to do with any service you find out is from businesses and organizations that are wicked and corrupt. It shouldn't ever have to be in the near future! Don't the hypocrite liars and schemers at Congress have enough "legal" thievery going on?? Apparently not. Enough is never enough for them.

That means those who know and want more and more human interactions to be non-coercive, other than myself, just have to keep on going in getting the information out there for everyone else to know.

Well, for this week I've been active on Twitter a lot. I've been posting and retweeting information that's liberty-minded. I've been a little active on the question and answer forum known as

This is someone who wants liberty-minded people and anyone who sympathizes with them eradicated off the face of the earth. He claims that libertarians are tyrannical. WTF?? xD

I don't think he understands what the words tyrant and tyranny mean!

Tryant - (noun) a cruel or oppressive ruler

Tyranny - (noun) 1. cruel and oppressive government or rule, 2. a nation under cruel and oppressive government, 3. cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control

Since when has a third party ever been in charge? Since when have any member of a third political party been allowed to write bills? Since when did they ever have any control at all?

Luckily, there's enough of us on Quora who are actual critical thinkers and know plenty on what freedom really means to make him look like a fool.

I even replied to one of his questions earlier this week; Should the government lock up all of the libertarians in jail until they stop being libertarians?

Here's what I wrote. "Is it okay to use force, threats, and violence to lock people up in a cage who speak the truth and do all they can possible to help everyone else prevent themselves from acting on the beliefs that every solution to problems should require the use of force, violence, and threats?

Is this a troll question? Do you have a problem with libertarians? Do you have a problem with anyone who questions the unlimited powers of 'authority'?

We're not forcing you to stop being an authoritarian! That's your choice to make, to either continue as you are or to consider to question your own beliefs and morals. However, you shouldn't advocate for anyone to drag us along into what you want."

If you'd like to read even better replies to Milstein's advocacy of aggression toward people who aren't about being aggressive toward others, go here:

A buddy of mine on Twitter, Caphenated has very recently set up a forum that's a free open resource for people to educate themselves on the slippery slopes of politics.

I just started contributing to it by sharing one of my older podcasts and listing two titles of good books I've read, including front cover pictures and their summaries.

I intend to contribute to the Pillow Fight board sometime soon. I think some good threads for that would be one that's about euphemisms in politics, and another that would explain the different illogical fallacies to avoid. I also intend to make entries about these topics, sometime soon. I'd need to pick a day to really focus on gathering my thoughts and typing all this up, bit by bit. I want to try to be more active on this blog of mine, providing information that helps to spread positive influence and positive philosophies.

If anyone out there wants to help us out, we'd appreciate it. It's free to register an account on the forum.

So, yeah, a lot's been going on concerning matters of truth speaking and being aware of the dangerous ideas and actions taking place in our backwards world. There's other things I have in mind that I ought to accomplish, but that will take time to plan out, prepare, and record myself to speak on, for future podcasts.

In between, I'd still like to do some music stuff. I started a new video game music remix project a few weeks ago. It's going to take a while, at least a month on the composition and experimenting stuff - once I have enough music material for it. =)
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What motivated me to blog today was a little dream I had last night, in which I was on Twitter and I saw someone tweet something like, "better watch on what conspiracy truthers say." I wasn't sure if that was meant as an honest concern for all or just a comment that was a willfully ignorant and arrogant. I forgot what I tweeted on my account, lol.

Then I woke up from the dream and thought to myself, yeah, I think I'll update my blog(s) today.

YouTube, Facebook, and CNN have definitely been becoming more Orwellian recently. (Twitter too, although I have not seen much banning and censoring and all that as much as with the other three. So I still check over there frequently, and retweet and like what the accounts I follow share in between my own tweets.)

Corporate Big Brother: "What's that? There are thoughts and points of view online that conflict with the ideologies and agendas we promote? Not to worry! We'll censor that, or remove those thought criminals from our online communities. Hell, we'll even blackmail some of them if they so much dare to mock us, or as we usually say, put members of the press in danger by inciting violence in their jokes."

Seriously, Center for Nutty News. xD However, by all means - continue to crumble and lose credibility. You've been acting like a bunch of cry-bullies and douchebags. You're self-destructing because of that!

YouTube has been removing and banning some truth-seekers and truth-speakers. One of them had his account banned from too! BarrySoetoro was the channel name on YouTube. I think it was called BarryTV over at VidMe. Barry pointed out some smoking guns the Lamestream Media's fear mongering false flags and frauds. He's helped open my mind some by pointing out some major smoking gun inconsistencies C.B.B. prefers to cover up as they scam to keeping people fearing and fighting/bickering among themselves.

As for Facebook, well, there's a multitude of reasons why I rarely post anything on it. It's already begun in its bogus censorship. FB's banning anyone who asks questions or brings up points The C.B.B.'s don't want people in the larger majority to think about, in which they can't prove wrong. Mark Zuckerberg is a figurehead in a gigantic CIA created social experiment. I think those are two main reasons why I don't go on FB much.

I haven't updated my main YouTube channel in months. I might consider redoing my video version of my podcast that I titled, About Statist Euphemisms. I really should get that up before doing any other videos. (When the heck am I going to do the next part of Problems in School Systems? I don't know. :/)

I thought I had more to add, but I can't remember what else was on my mind earlier this morning. ... *shrug* Ah well. Maybe it'll come back to me later.


Jul. 8th, 2017 10:44 am
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It's been a while... For some months, I could not get on Dreamwidth because each time I tried to change my password it wouldn't work. It wasn't until I tried to change my password with a different browser that's been on my laptop.

It's a good thing I'm back on this old blog of mine. I have a few backups on a few other sites, but I like customization and I've missed posting on this one.

A lot has happened, so I'll summarize!

-I've had to close down the building my family paid rent toward my bookstore. The lean on tax from the IRS thugs they put on for not paying income extortion in some years had changed things. Why? Because the income extortion law isn't a law that's been written down and published. (I suggest you look up the documentary on YouTube that's titled America; From Freedom to Fascism, if you don't already know this. You'll see for yourself on how the IRS responds to anyone who questions them this law.) If I'm going to continue my book, game, movie, etc. business, then it's going to have to be moved to online only. I have not gone back to organizing my inventory in a while, so I will need to get back to doing that sometime soon. (FYI, it is a fact that taxation is a euphemism for legitimized extortion throughout the Divided Statists of Amerika, AKA U.S. Inc. Why else would the definitions of taxation and extortion would be similar to each other? Go see for yourself. Be sure to observe this in an actual dictionary book, so you would be able to compare that with the online definitions.)

-I've been progressing in getting the items that I need to apply for a part-time job. It's been taking a little longer than necessary because I was never given a social security card upon birth. Most would think that having a birth certificate would be enough to help prove my identity to the local bureaucrats. Nope! That's not how it goes here with Maryland gooberment! There's a catch 22 in this not one-size-fits-all system; you can't have a social security card without having a current up to date photo ID. You can't have an up to date photo ID without having either a social security card, or certain documents you get from being either a government worker, having served in the military, are an immigrant, or having a form from working for someone else.

I have none of those things. The last time I called up the Social Security Administration number was sometime back in May. The guy I talked to who was much more patient than the lady who didn't give me much time to reply after just waiting on the phone for about over an hour. After we went over everything I don't have and not involved in (not employed, not in college, etc.), his only suggestion for me to do was to get a note from my family's doctor, and then adding that to my portfolio of documents before going to the local Social Security office building in person. With additional help with one of my parents that wouldn't hesitate to do so, that should be enough to get myself out of this annoying catch-22.

If not, then I'll have to go to take further action in court. I'd like to avoid having to do that, so we'll see how this goes.

I had a physical check-up appointment with my doctor earlier this week, and it went well. I have the note I needed from him, and it's with everything else I'll present to someone who works at the local Social Security Administration building. I'll be bringing a pen and notebook with me too, just in case I am blocked off once more from being able to apply for a job - to write down a name or more of those who might not be willing to accept everything I have. As far as I know, there's no more available hoops in which I can jump through.

-I'm back to making music. Most of my writing is on hold, for I've missed making instrumentals. I started a new game music remix project about a week ago, and I hope to get more material recorded for this weekend. =D

-I've still been busy at times educating myself on some days, reading a bit from the large mountain of books I have to help me research on all the BS that exists in U.S. Inc. Watching insightful documentaries, and looking at material that helps keep my mind sharp on the voluntaryist (AKA anarcho-capitalist/free market libertarian) philosophy I agree with.

-I've been communicating back and forth to friends a lot, some of them who are critical freethinkers. I found out one of them lives fairly close to me, in the same county here in MD. I'll tell a little more about him for another entry.

-Of course, my mom and I still go see friends of ours and play board games on Friday evenings! That's always fun. Sometime I will make an entry about some of the latest games we have, including a single-player boardgame I enjoy. =D

That's pretty much about it. I'll be putting up another entry soon, for I've been feeling motivated to blog today.
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I've Been Eating Propaganda

I’ve been eating propaganda,
All the live long day.
I’ve been eating propaganda,
Just to pass the time away!

Censorship forever growing,
To suppress all dissent.
Safe spaces necessary,
To keep all short sighted!

Keep us short sighted,
Keep us as willing serfs,
Brainwash us heavier, and harder!
Civilization crumbling down,
Freedom of speech tossed out!
Independent thought is not allowed!

Oh, good day to you Big Brother!
Your presence is so benign.
How you’re proudly here to serve us,
To keep us all so blind!

The global monitors are smirking,
As they’ll handle all thought crimes.
Those clever crooks shouldn’t free us.
We shouldn’t see the chains that bind.

Never see our mental chains,
Faithfully, forever blind,
As tyranny serves us with a smile!
Truth is so overrated.
We love comfortable lies.
Let them stretch on for miles and miles!

I put up a song video version of this on YouTube as well.
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Here's what I've taken notice of recently.

- YouTube Heroes. What it really should be called is YouTube Zeroes.

This is going to blow up in YouTube's face eventually. To hear my open letter to Google (Screwgle) and YouTube (BOOOOOTube) in which I called them out on their fascism and mocking them at the same time, go here.

- The Obama administration just recently gave away U.S. control of the Internet of nonprofit organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which maintains databases for Internet domain names, the Internet’s phone book. In that case, the United Nations could disregard our freedom of speech altogether, censoring it out. Foreign countries who don't believe in First Amendment rights could censor us. A lot.

Google supports this, and I am not surprised!

As I am aware of the NWO threat, and have freed my mind from what I've been indoctrinated to believe, using the Internet will eventually become irritating for me later as I do more research and sharing the knowledge.

Look up voluntaryism ASAP. I highly recommend Larken Rose!! I've listened to his videos, his podcasts... and this is his latest article, on Steemit. This man, to me, makes a lot of sense. And I like it when people apply witticisms when telling the truth. (Ever since I first learned of FEMA's failed coverup about thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors becoming seriously ill no thanks to the unsafe levels of formaldehyde coming from the Gulfstream manufactured white trailers that were given to them - I realized how immoral and shady our government and news media have become.)

I've been looking at documentaries of historical events in the U.S. most people are ignorant to, and looked at a BUNCH of what is wrong within schools. I've got a list of PDFs to go through, and I still have a handful of books to read that should help me more on my researching.

Seeking the truth and burying the lies is so important! I recommend anyone who's reading this entry to look away from the lying fear mongerers in the mainstream media. There's a lot they're not telling you!

I have started a video series on YouTube titled "Your Journey to TRUE Freedom". This is especially towards the skeptics who call the NWO dangers conspiracy theories.

Sometime later on, I'll do another Info Dump post. Coming up shortly is a poem that's my satirical response to the crapton of internet censorship that's to come I the near future.


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