Apr. 18th, 2016

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I'm trying to reach out to them! I'm both for warning them about Agenda 21 happening in their home state, CA, sharing to them a gist of various things I've found out, and for offering to listen to the information they know. I already went over a cluster of information I had known for quite a while now.

I empathize towards Green Day, and I really hope that at least some of you who are reading this will attempt to help me. The sickos in the music industry can't stand them, and don't want their message of thinking for ourselves and all the other good messages they spread in their songs to be aired on TV Tell-Lie-Vision. (Example: have you even seen the 2012 iHeart Radio Fest segments of Billie Joe Armstrong losing it, online? He was super pissed about their play time getting cut short. He broke his guitar on stage too.)

With good intent, I aim for some unification to stand up against those nasty tyrants. I've felt the same way as Green Day has. The government and all those other constant liars and power abusers should not win and raise hell around us, America. I DON'T WANT an Orwellian World. Seriously, to hell with their NWO!

I can't just do nothing, knowing what I know. Can't just do nothing with what I've recently thought of. We've been deceived long enough! Please, watch the video, and spread the word to Green Day via Twitter, Facebook Government Book, and other social media. I really want to compare what I know with what they know. I also wish to lend them an ear. I want them to know that I hear them, and that they are so not alone.

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