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Managed to check up on a few of you too, yaaay...

Firstly, to sum up a few things, I've changed my working hours to Friday through Sunday, because the colder weather's coming back. Also, my dad's been needing my help to take care of him.

A while go, earlier this month, he had to go through surgery to get his kidney stones removed. He also lost his balance and fell down the stairs, fracturing his neck. He has to wear a neck brace for 6 to 8 weeks. He's hanging in there. Sometimes he has trouble moving around in the house, so someone needs to be there to help navigate him.

I've been sucked back into the roleplay writing. It's why I have not updated for some weeks. Oops... I definitely felt inspired to revive an ancient old muse after watching all of the series Kyle XY, this show I still really like that aired on the ABC Family channel. It ended at a horrible cliffhanger at the end of season 3 and was cancelled, but I still missed watching it!

My music I suppose is on slowiatus now, since I've been occupied and very motivated to do more RP with others around Twitter and Dreamwidth.

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-Hellz yeah, Ryan Higa's main channel has 15 million subscribers now!! That's an insane number of lamps, and I've been one of them for just this year so far! I've been happy and excited for Ryan over the past few days. He may not have won anything at the Teen Choice Awards, but he'll always still have us lamps to love him and support him always. :D

-I've still been coming up with new music every now and then. There's just so much to explore on the HP Music Maker! I swapped for two genres last night; volumes 1 of Drum and Bass, and Tech House. I did one track of each. For my first try at both of these types of instrumentals, they turned out pretty good.

Here's my Drum and Bass debut:

-Book sales over this past weekend was pretty good. Didn't do anything Wednesday through Friday, but Saturday and Sunday sure made up for it!
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Yep, it's been another while since I last posted. I've been using my Twitter a little more. I use it for sharing things, as well as putting up whatever little blurb comes to mind. And, I use it a lot to interact with my favorite people on YouTube. Also, if you choose to look, you'll see the awesome stained glass cat vase I got from one of my friends! It's so beautiful!

BTW I don't think I showed this amusing thing I did with one of Jacob Fu's instagram pics on here, so here it is!

He liked the pic enough to retweet it, shortly after I tweeted it to him.

Before I move onto more about these awesome people, I'll mention a little update about how I'm doing at work. Last weekend turned out really good for me! I've sold a bunch of books, including the Americana Encyclopedia set that was so big. I'm so glad someone finally bought that! Almost no one buys encyclopedia sets these days. I received this large 30 book set as a donation weeks ago. I'm glad I decided to make some space for it.

The hostas outside, a few at a time, have been flowering. I've taken pictures when that's happened. Some of them are already on my website's art gallery page.

I even took a picture of one of the Asian day lilies while it was raining outside. :)

I still (of course) do boardgaming every Friday night. Every other Friday it's with our friends at the High Tides game store in St. Mary's County. We hope we can have enough space for everyone that comes over! Lately, the owner has moved in some display cases into the room we play in. There have been some new semi-regulars coming around, and we've had more 10+ people show up altogether during the past few weeks. High Tides have been good to us for a long while now, and we'd hate to have to find a new place again. The 6 core members of us (including my mom and myself) were told to leave the last place and never come back. Basically, the owner had acted like a passive snob around us because I brought in a cup from Subway.

Whatever--all the better to have found a better place where no one flips out about things like bringing along games that aren't already selling in the shop. No one flips out about anyone bringing in food and drinks from other places either. The staff at High Tides have been open and laid back about both of those things.

Because of these reasons, I'd hate to have to change locations again...

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What I'll mention next is something that's made me so happy. )
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Did you get to see a bunch of fireworks? Did you spend good quality time with your loved ones? Did you have a BBQ dinner cookout? See any good movies?

I had to work during the day, though I did do pretty well on book sales. Could have earned more if there were people interested in my plants and garden statues, but oh well...

I'm still pleased with how good the photos of them came out, especially when making them look even gorgeous and in high quality after some slight touches on the photobucket editor. I'll share some and leave a link to my Gallery page in a bit.

Back to the rest of how my 4th of July went. For dinner, my family and I had cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato with hash browns. For desert, we had strawberry crème pie! Mmmmm, so good...

Later on into the evening, Mom and I went over to our friend Bob's house to play a few board games. On the way there, we saw a firework after crossing the bridge! Cool. Board gaming was fun. I ALMOST won at Alhambra that night! Everything in my city was connected by a badass 17 point bordering, and I had the most green tiles (and the most blue at the end, it's 18 points). Bob had the most purple and a 15 pointer border, and he beat me by one point. Wow, what a game! It was my longest ever wall, and Mom's wall was just as long.

We also played 2 games of Ugh, and a game of Splendor. Geez, our friend Rich is really good at Splendor! Mom and I will have to start taking more chances around him from now on. Oh, and in the background, Bob's neighbors were lighting fireworks. We could hear all the whistling and popping noises. :)

And now, for the awesome plant photos... )

Sometime later on I'll upload a new plant vlog on my main variety channel.

Wong Fu Productions )

Fu Music bros... )

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I'll catch up with some of you on my f-list once I have more time! :)

By the way, there really is an older Plant Tour video I did, years ago! To view that, go here:
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As I have told some people from yesterday and the day before, I took a few minutes to get my old phone out and snap some pics of some of my plants growing for this year. (It was a gorgeous day to do so, too.)

Click the cut to view them. )
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-Been working five days a week at my bookshop since last month. Business has been okay. I managed to sell some books, along with receiving some really nice other ones over the weekend. Hey, do any of you remember Jim Varney's character, Ernest? One of the books I got is Ernest's "Book of Knowledge" that came out sometime in the 80's. I glanced through some of it already. This book gave some chuckles.

The donator also gave me some nice parrot care paperbacks. Interesting, since my mom had watched a rerun documentary about parrots. I sort of watched it again with her.

I also put away some mystery novels and some more humor books... The lady (who had bought Nora Roberts paperbacks from me more than once, I sort of recognized her) happened to forget that I don't take Reader's Digest Condensed books, because they just don't sell. There are 7 tote bags and a box full of them inside the store now. On Friday, after I get off work, Mom and I will take some of those to the dump. Really, no one in my shop bought them, not ever. I don't want them taking up space and collecting dust, so I'm planning to get rid of them all ASAP.

Almost all the potted plants I intend to sell this spring and summer are growing back! I sold four strawberry plants so far, and the four I still have are flowering. Unlike the day lilies, they grow fast! In the next few weeks, the flowers will turn into berries.

- I have been on an A:tLA fanfic kick for a while now, and I found this really interesting one on WattPad, called Art of War. Summary: "Mike and Bryan, creators of Nickelodeon's beloved, cartoon show, "Avatar the Last Airbender" see their universe come to life when the imperial Fire Nation appears from the middle of the Pacific Ocean and starts global mayhem." (Link:

I think I ought to get myself an account on this site because LOOK, there are pics and videos you can upload along with the content of your chapters. Awesome! I know I listen to loads of music, and some songs and instrumentals remind me of certain characters and fandoms...

-I put together two more ATLA fan-mixes (another for Sokka, and one for Toph), and will hopefully post them in an entry sometime this week!

-Last Thursday, Mom and I watched Disney's Maleficent, because she rented the DVD from the library. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't something we would want to own. Honestly, I like the Maleficent from the old Sleeping Beauty animated film, who's also in the Kingdom Hearts games. I like that version of her best. ...I love the Honest Trailer Screen Junkies did for it on YouTube. I've seen it twice, before I saw the actual movie. ("Male Efficient!" XD)

Haha, I also love the Honest Trailer they did for the 1950's animated classic of Cinderella...

-My mom and I did quite a bit of board gaming fun on Friday and Saturday night. There's this game she bought for a buck at this thrift store, where we have found some great games for a bargain. Usually little to nothing is missing from them! Anyway, this game is called Last Word. It's a little like the game Scrabble, but there's a grid with letter tiles in which you move your color pawn over the letters to spell words. It's easy to learn, but it's a little challenging to play! You play until you can't move to spell words anymore. It's a really interesting elimination kind of game. Whoever has the most letter tiles at the end of the game (they're a point each) wins. When more than two players are playing, there are extra points that go toward whoever isolates another opponent at the end.

Mom and I like this game. We played 3 rounds of it, after a warm-up game of Splendor. I won at Splendor and one game of Last Word. :)

Unfortunately, we didn't get to play that over at our friend Bob's house. Last Word plays up to 2-4 players, and there were 7 of us altogether, including this new guy that came over. We ended up playing 2 games of this other game Mom and I recently found at this bead store, called Ugh. A lot of those we game with love it. This one's a press your luck type of card game with adorably funny cartoon artwork on the cards.

We played two rounds of Ugh. I won the first, and Bob won the second. We also played Spinners dominoes, and Quiddler! I also won at Quiddler.

-My fanfiction writing in general been going at the pace of a crawl, but it's better than nothing! The music hasn't completely taken over, though I'm still loving this Darius Twin remix project. I'm almost 40% done with it now. I have quite a bit more planned to insert in there.

This remix is HUGE for me. I've been putting a lot of time and effort towards this, and I'm picky about getting it right, to sound really good. The individual melody parts I've put together separately--I want to use them all!

After I get that finished, I'll try to get back into RP stuff for a while.
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- On Zelda: Majora's Mask, hehe, I switched games without saving to try this other game on my N64. I got my stolen bottle back! At some point I ended up sitting on Epona firing arrows at that big headed awful bird, from a distance. (It takes over 10 arrows to take him out, but in the end it's worth it, 'cause there's a BIG orange rupee! I think that's 500 rupees.) Ha, serves the Takuri right for stealing from me!

-I sold a bunch of books today! Two returning customers came to my shop. Last week I was open only on Sunday because it's snowed quite a bit last Monday. Today made up the lack of people last weekend.

-Finished my short experimental track! Finally! It took way longer than I thought, partially due to how cold it's been last week, but hey I got it done!

On SoundCloud, an hour after I uploaded this, three people heard and loved it! :D (I've yet to get any feedback for Catacombs over at my spot at Newgrounds.)

-Updated my webpage a bit, minutes ago. I added the new track onto what I listed on the Music page, and put up the news announcement for it on the Home page! I'm serious on podcast planning. Here's what I know I ought to include so far:

1. Music update on my Darius Twin remix.

2. Sharing something I heard on YouTube that's sped up. In fact, I can use Audacity and record a track or two tonight! I'll save those audio files and add them in later.

3. I think I'll mention about my writing. At least say why it's been over a month since the last time I recorded a podcast.

4. Ask a curious question towards my listeners that can leave replies by commenting on here, my music YouTube page, and on my next Artist News post on Newgrounds! Yeah, that'll be something else new to do for a podcast. :D

The rest is YouTube stuffs )

I'm still on YouTube, and I'm thinking about catching up with PeanutButterGamer. He's this funny dude who "reviews" and plays various video games. I hope he doesn't totally go bonkers while playing more LSD Dream Simulator and Mario 64: Chaos Edition. XD
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-I go back to work tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold, but I have kerosene, along with what I need to make myself some hot chocolate! Hnnng, I hope it won't take a long time to warm the place up because I want to do some writing for my fic, Crawl. I open from 10 AM to 6 PM, and that gives me time to write whenever traffic is slow.

I snagged a couple of photos to write out descriptions of, as well as Light's reaction to seeing such weird looking items in a store--from odd to oh, I so did not need to see that. That is, once I get to that part. In the beginning it's inner ramblings and angst coming from Light. My own character's being such a pain for him, and the "entity" that plucked her away from where she was to place her near him is causing him some stress he really doesn't need. What he does upon deciding how to not end up worrying about my Sim from sneaking around at night involves using something quick and effective to keep her in place. Where he goes to purchase such an item will disturb him a little, and it's a shop in which he wouldn't normally go, not at all. (I intend for that bit to be funny.)

-Yesterday, on a whim while just looking around on YouTube, I was curious to listen to some dark music in non-horror games and looking at the strange and unsettling things in the Legend of Zelda games. As I was doing this, a new roleplay writing muse came about. I AU'd the mask of Majora, taking place sometime after the story in the game ends! So far, this muse is really creepy and evil. It likes to pull some pranks too, to pass the time. Majora has some extra powers, and on the dear_mun community, there's a Ganondorf! Yay! 8D

I mean--oh no, this could get really bad for the heroes, if those two and my Primal Rage game AU formed an alliance! There's another muse of mine who's very familiar with the Majora's Mask game and has played it a few times.

[personal profile] majoras_mask <--This is the new character journal account I made. I think I made a little over half of the icons for it. I figured out how to make some great animated icons through this online image editor I know of... but I think I need to shrink the image size so the file size for icon usage is under 40 KB. I'm sure I'll figure it out! I think they'd be okay to use for message forums though, if not for places like around here, or on LJ.

I'm in a Majora's Mask Love mood.... )
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Yesterday at work was slow. Mom and I even stayed over at my bookstore a little longer and played a few board games while we were hoping for people to come in, because my bookshop is nearby an auction house. There was an auction indeed, but it didn't seem to interest most people much, and they all left. :/

So, my mom and I left not long after that and went home.

Today, I sold a bunch of books! Yay! Most of who came to shop were new customers, too.

I also managed to get some fanfic editing done!

More about a really intense Death Note fic I'm excited about getting back to )


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