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Warning: the following content may encourage you to think!

There's this black man, a decent guy in general, who lives across the street from me. He sometimes comes over to ask how my family and I are doing as I wait for the bus to ride to work. Nice to know he cares right? Although, sometimes, he tends to be a little nosy, but what's really wrong with him is this; he's a believer of what the Tell-Lie-Vision informs him. He's been so mislead to believe that Obama (who I call the Whopper King) is just the best. This, and he believes Hillary Clinton will be good for USA.

Do you know what's shocking and insane about blacks who think and believe this disgusting, sociopathic lying crook is great? They have no freaking clue that Hillary is racist. Yes, both she and Trump are racist. They sound about the same to me, the more I learn about them. They're both liars, and they would never stand up to the banksters. TRUMP doesn't even come CLOSE to John F. Kennedy, who tried to set up an alternative AWAY from the tyrants of the Federal Reserve. (Want to know the truth about his assassination? It's quite different from the "official" mainstream BS. Search for the "From JFK to 9/11; Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" documentary video.)

This is Margaret Sanger, who has been one of Hillary Clinton's role models.

I actually won't consider voting for any politician. The Council of Foreign Relations is the head of the propaganda machine, who controls all mainstream media corporations. Founded by banksters. Look:

J.P. Morgan, a bankster, was the original founder for he held a private meeting with 12 media managers in year 1915. They searched and found 25 U.S. newspapers to control the information the masses would get.

Politicians are bought and paid for, and selected to be president, not elected. Elections are fake. Voting doesn't do a damn thing to help humanity. It actually encourages the organized crooks to do more oppression, spew out more lies, and engage into more warfare. Death sells! That's one major reason why America's been involved in over 200 wars over the past centuries.

But my neighbor didn't ever bother to look at anything I handed to him. Yesterday morning, he talked about Obama like he was a Messiah. BA-A-A-AR-RA-A-A-A-A-ACK OBA-A-A-A-A-A-MA-A-A-A-A-A! (XD That's my sheeple impression of that hopeless, brainwashed buffoon.) The lying asshole who should get the hell out of the White House has said on TV that Hillary would make a good president.

Let that information sink in for a minute.

WHY would OBAMA, a black man, support a woman who has so much respect for another woman who called blacks "human weeds"?!? The answer is simply this: he doesn't care at all about the black community. He never cared about any of his voters, no matter how they look and how they live. He's buddies with the banksters and corporations, who love death and destruction. And dumbing people down! This has happened over and over again. Politicians say one thing and do another. Obama is no exception. "The most transparent administration, not a smidgen of corruption" my ass.

And my neighbor says history repeats itself. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Captain Obvious! Would he ever stop to think WHY that is?

These politicians say anything only to gain appeal to those who listen to them. Tongue wagging and pretending. That's what they do! Any reporter (presstitute) who tells their viewers that politicians "care" about any of us, are just as corrupt. Many reporters just tell what the organized crooks in government and corporations want them to report. They don't care about the truth! They care more about their own careers! (Mainstream media? More like FAKEstream media, LOL.)

My neighbor is being played. He is being horribly deceived. He shouldn't be supporting any of these sociopaths. And he is stubborn to even try to consider that voting is absolutely meaningless. I even told him the Herbert Spencer quote; "There is a principle that bars all against information and never fails to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is contempt prior to investigation." Who was Herbert Spencer? A logical, and smart man who had a scientific mind, from the Victorian era.

Hey, I tried. I really did! I made an effort to give him a cluster of useful information to prove why voting is pointless. But hey! These sickos have repeating their lies long enough to get him to believe them! People like him won't bother to educate themselves. Apparently, he has to have a mind before he can change it.

"If you don't vote, that means you don't have a voice."

He told me that yesterday morning. Sheeple translation: if you don't vote and give your support to Hillary Clinton, then she won't be able to speak for you.

As if I'll ever WANT her to speak and decide for me. LMAO!!! I'm not racist. I actually care about people. I hate that she aims to transform public schools into mental health clinics, and that she lies so much that it's SAD! She's even in denial of her poor health.

DOESN'T MATTER if it's Democrat or Republican! The faces and names change, but the same damn agenda remains the same! New World Order.

Don't be like my neighbor. I can't take him seriously when he chooses to be stubborn and foolish. I can't allow myself to become a bitter person because of ugly tyrants who have done so much nastiness behind the scenes to make a large portion of people the way they are.

I try not to sound condescending either. I try not to sound harsh, but there's no point in sugarcoating something that's so horrible and bad, and I really cannot listen to my neighbor with a straight face much. Okay? It's better than getting worked up and angry at him, right? I don't use physical force. I wouldn't smack him or anything. Because violence would just lead to more violence.

I'm an advocator of TRUE positive change, not an advocator-organizer-agitator. See if you can find Saul D. Alinsky's book titled "Rules for Radicals." I'm almost done reading my copy that I found. He is a change agent.

Please research, and THINK while it's still legal. I advise anyone who still votes. Understand the lies, and bury them. DITCH THEM! Google's part of the CFR, yes, but total censorship BS hasn't happened yet. I'll continue to use YouTube as one platform to share the beneficial knowledge. Free beneficial knowledge is good food for your brain! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Mmmm, mm! Delicious! :)

I'm glad I broke away, and understand the lies. I don't want anything to do with the socialist to communist propaganda. I don't want the U.N. demanding to have complete control over me. (HELL NO to N.W.O.! HELL NO to One World Everything! Those who crave more and more power are likely to abuse it. That's how greedy people are. Enough is never enough for them. One agenda leads to another, and then another, and then another.)

I have a mind of my own, and I want to keep it. I own myself. I won't let phony, power lusting monsters decide what's best for me. They're not the boss of me.

I'll get my dad a cookie and start some laundry. I'll continue in another post when I return.
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