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- I got some more videos up on my YouTube channel. Check those out whenever. I even mirrored a collaboration video I participated in with some friends. This video is called "Questions for Socialists". ...Oh, and if you look through my video uploads, you'll see a video version that I did of my first entry that I wrote about ethics!

- I've engaged in a few chat livestream stuff on YouTube. It's been fun and interesting. I've even started to challenge the left and one right statist (and a mutualist-anarchist) to think about what it is they advocate for.

- I'll eventually start livestream debates with these leftists, starting with Wolf Leftist. He's a 13 year old kid, who calls himself a Libertarian-Marxist. Or in other words, a Libertarian-Communist/Socialist/Leftist. If you scroll down, you'll see that we already started debating Capitalism VS Socialism in the comments section under his video response to "Questions for Socialists". He was the first one to respond to this video. Not even 24 hours have passed on the same day this collab video had been uploaded and mirrored.

Not long before I decided that I wanted to debate with him, we spoke briefly in Google Hangouts, after a friend's 50/60 Subscribers livestream chat. He somewhat agreed about fighting for liberty with ideas, so that is opportunity to use the Socratic Method on him.

The Socratic Method is named after the Greek philosopher, Socrates. This conversation/debate dialogue model involves asking another honest questions about his or her opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs. The person who is being asked those questions is left with the decision to respond.

I've used the Socratic Method for debating statists more than once, and it's really good to use to observe and notice how a person thinks and reasons. It's also possible to notice at least one contradictory belief that they share...

One of Wolf Leftist's friends is a somewhat lazy pseudo-intellectual, and is younger than Wolf Leftist. Kommissar Squirrley is the username he goes by on Twitter and YouTube. He doesn't believe statism exists at all when it definitely does. He claims that anarcho-capitalism is a mental disability. Heh heh, right...

I have an idea as to a fun and educational way to make a game out of this debate, but I'll want to go over this idea with the both of them. It's something that's not so win-lose as it is to more of a win-win.

First, I need to prepare myself by doing some research on history, and some basic economics. That's something I intend to start doing this week!

- I now have Discord!! It's a very cool chat server app. I got something installed on it, called Better Discord, in which you can insert custom-made skins.

If you would like to join my most open-server for all friends I have made online, then let me know by PM or leaving a comment. =) I'll PM you the link to the server, along with my contact.

- On LiveJournal, I set up a photo album online of the pictures I took while playing the different variety of board games with my mom and our friends. I've yet to update the album again sometime.

- As for dealing with that pesky catch-22 shit between the DMV and Social Security clowns, I should be able to present a copy of my medical records to the local Social Security Administration building sometime this month or next month.

That's pretty much it as to what's been going on with me recently. A lot of stuff that hasn't been a dull moment at all.


Jul. 8th, 2017 10:44 am
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It's been a while... For some months, I could not get on Dreamwidth because each time I tried to change my password it wouldn't work. It wasn't until I tried to change my password with a different browser that's been on my laptop.

It's a good thing I'm back on this old blog of mine. I have a few backups on a few other sites, but I like customization and I've missed posting on this one.

A lot has happened, so I'll summarize!

-I've had to close down the building my family paid rent toward my bookstore. The lean on tax from the IRS thugs they put on for not paying income extortion in some years had changed things. Why? Because the income extortion law isn't a law that's been written down and published. (I suggest you look up the documentary on YouTube that's titled America; From Freedom to Fascism, if you don't already know this. You'll see for yourself on how the IRS responds to anyone who questions them this law.) If I'm going to continue my book, game, movie, etc. business, then it's going to have to be moved to online only. I have not gone back to organizing my inventory in a while, so I will need to get back to doing that sometime soon. (FYI, it is a fact that taxation is a euphemism for legitimized extortion throughout the Divided Statists of Amerika, AKA U.S. Inc. Why else would the definitions of taxation and extortion would be similar to each other? Go see for yourself. Be sure to observe this in an actual dictionary book, so you would be able to compare that with the online definitions.)

-I've been progressing in getting the items that I need to apply for a part-time job. It's been taking a little longer than necessary because I was never given a social security card upon birth. Most would think that having a birth certificate would be enough to help prove my identity to the local bureaucrats. Nope! That's not how it goes here with Maryland gooberment! There's a catch 22 in this not one-size-fits-all system; you can't have a social security card without having a current up to date photo ID. You can't have an up to date photo ID without having either a social security card, or certain documents you get from being either a government worker, having served in the military, are an immigrant, or having a form from working for someone else.

I have none of those things. The last time I called up the Social Security Administration number was sometime back in May. The guy I talked to who was much more patient than the lady who didn't give me much time to reply after just waiting on the phone for about over an hour. After we went over everything I don't have and not involved in (not employed, not in college, etc.), his only suggestion for me to do was to get a note from my family's doctor, and then adding that to my portfolio of documents before going to the local Social Security office building in person. With additional help with one of my parents that wouldn't hesitate to do so, that should be enough to get myself out of this annoying catch-22.

If not, then I'll have to go to take further action in court. I'd like to avoid having to do that, so we'll see how this goes.

I had a physical check-up appointment with my doctor earlier this week, and it went well. I have the note I needed from him, and it's with everything else I'll present to someone who works at the local Social Security Administration building. I'll be bringing a pen and notebook with me too, just in case I am blocked off once more from being able to apply for a job - to write down a name or more of those who might not be willing to accept everything I have. As far as I know, there's no more available hoops in which I can jump through.

-I'm back to making music. Most of my writing is on hold, for I've missed making instrumentals. I started a new game music remix project about a week ago, and I hope to get more material recorded for this weekend. =D

-I've still been busy at times educating myself on some days, reading a bit from the large mountain of books I have to help me research on all the BS that exists in U.S. Inc. Watching insightful documentaries, and looking at material that helps keep my mind sharp on the voluntaryist (AKA anarcho-capitalist/free market libertarian) philosophy I agree with.

-I've been communicating back and forth to friends a lot, some of them who are critical freethinkers. I found out one of them lives fairly close to me, in the same county here in MD. I'll tell a little more about him for another entry.

-Of course, my mom and I still go see friends of ours and play board games on Friday evenings! That's always fun. Sometime I will make an entry about some of the latest games we have, including a single-player boardgame I enjoy. =D

That's pretty much about it. I'll be putting up another entry soon, for I've been feeling motivated to blog today.
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Yep, it's been another while since I last posted. I've been using my Twitter a little more. I use it for sharing things, as well as putting up whatever little blurb comes to mind. And, I use it a lot to interact with my favorite people on YouTube. Also, if you choose to look, you'll see the awesome stained glass cat vase I got from one of my friends! It's so beautiful!

BTW I don't think I showed this amusing thing I did with one of Jacob Fu's instagram pics on here, so here it is!

He liked the pic enough to retweet it, shortly after I tweeted it to him.

Before I move onto more about these awesome people, I'll mention a little update about how I'm doing at work. Last weekend turned out really good for me! I've sold a bunch of books, including the Americana Encyclopedia set that was so big. I'm so glad someone finally bought that! Almost no one buys encyclopedia sets these days. I received this large 30 book set as a donation weeks ago. I'm glad I decided to make some space for it.

The hostas outside, a few at a time, have been flowering. I've taken pictures when that's happened. Some of them are already on my website's art gallery page.

I even took a picture of one of the Asian day lilies while it was raining outside. :)

I still (of course) do boardgaming every Friday night. Every other Friday it's with our friends at the High Tides game store in St. Mary's County. We hope we can have enough space for everyone that comes over! Lately, the owner has moved in some display cases into the room we play in. There have been some new semi-regulars coming around, and we've had more 10+ people show up altogether during the past few weeks. High Tides have been good to us for a long while now, and we'd hate to have to find a new place again. The 6 core members of us (including my mom and myself) were told to leave the last place and never come back. Basically, the owner had acted like a passive snob around us because I brought in a cup from Subway.

Whatever--all the better to have found a better place where no one flips out about things like bringing along games that aren't already selling in the shop. No one flips out about anyone bringing in food and drinks from other places either. The staff at High Tides have been open and laid back about both of those things.

Because of these reasons, I'd hate to have to change locations again...

Updates on my music )

What I'll mention next is something that's made me so happy. )
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Did you get to see a bunch of fireworks? Did you spend good quality time with your loved ones? Did you have a BBQ dinner cookout? See any good movies?

I had to work during the day, though I did do pretty well on book sales. Could have earned more if there were people interested in my plants and garden statues, but oh well...

I'm still pleased with how good the photos of them came out, especially when making them look even gorgeous and in high quality after some slight touches on the photobucket editor. I'll share some and leave a link to my Gallery page in a bit.

Back to the rest of how my 4th of July went. For dinner, my family and I had cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato with hash browns. For desert, we had strawberry crème pie! Mmmmm, so good...

Later on into the evening, Mom and I went over to our friend Bob's house to play a few board games. On the way there, we saw a firework after crossing the bridge! Cool. Board gaming was fun. I ALMOST won at Alhambra that night! Everything in my city was connected by a badass 17 point bordering, and I had the most green tiles (and the most blue at the end, it's 18 points). Bob had the most purple and a 15 pointer border, and he beat me by one point. Wow, what a game! It was my longest ever wall, and Mom's wall was just as long.

We also played 2 games of Ugh, and a game of Splendor. Geez, our friend Rich is really good at Splendor! Mom and I will have to start taking more chances around him from now on. Oh, and in the background, Bob's neighbors were lighting fireworks. We could hear all the whistling and popping noises. :)

And now, for the awesome plant photos... )

Sometime later on I'll upload a new plant vlog on my main variety channel.

Wong Fu Productions )

Fu Music bros... )

Last and most certainly not least... )
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First things first; yeeeep, I'm still alive! I managed to catch up with some of you on my F-list! Next week, I'll try to say hi to some more of you.

I figured I wasn't the only one hyped up about the uber awesome FF7 remake. *flail, fail, flail!* It's happening! It's actually happening!! I remember first reading about a 3D remake about this ages ago, in a Game Informer magazine. That was just trolly of Square Enix to just show dangle the concept over us like that, IMO.

Now, it thrills me that it's becoming a reality. Woohoo! \o/

I have NO IDEA when I'll get a PS4! (A Nintendo 3DS is the next big thing to save up for anyway, once I'm successful in getting a hang drum.) Video Gaming wise, I've only done a little DS gaming over the weekend.

Still board gaming, of course. It's amazing that more people have visited the meetup group. I think there's one or two new regulars or semi-regulars. That's awesome.

Haha, last Friday, I almost pulled a Ryan Higa with Mom. Though, Tri-ominos is hard for me to win and get lucky at... The golden horseshoe was with me during all the other games. We're especially competitive when playing Splendor. It's one of our most favorite warm-up games.

Ugh has proven to be a lot of fun too. What's amazing about that press your luck card game is this; there are times when it gets brutal! You may happen to draw a few nice various colored cards with high point values on one turn, only to draw a minus 3 Ugh card the next, leading to discarding your whole face up pile of point cards. (If the Ugh card is the first one you take from the draw pile, you get to keep that as a consolation prize. At scoring time, the end of the game, each Ugh is 3 points each.)

The rest of what's going on with me will go under cuts.

Vlogging, NEW finished instrumental, NEW video series... )

YouTube and Twitter Stuff )
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Here's something I find very amusing.

First, I'll start off with this. A while back, I watched this episode of Tabletop on YouTube. It's a web series on the Geek and Sundry channel hosted by Wil Wheaton. He plays different board games with different people that are for the most part publically well-known.

This one episode has one of my fave YouTuber dudes, Ryan Higa (his channels being nigahiga and HigaTV), playing against Wil, Rod Roddenberry, and Freddie Wong in three quick and easy to play games; Zombie Dice, Tsuro, and Get Bit. (Zombie Dice and Tsuro I've definitely played more than once. They're great gateway games! Get Bit looks like a fun little card game, and I hope to play that one day.)

In this 32 minute long episode, Ryan won all three! (For example; they shouldn't have kept goading him to keep rolling on his first turn in Zombie Dice. He had the magic fingers for sure, scoring ten brains, and nobody could do any better in the final rolls once he got to fourteen brains. That never happens with anyone in my gaming group!) Here's the episode if you'd like to check it out sometime:

Whenever someone in my gaming group has a winning streak, sometimes we joke that they have a lucky horseshoe somewhere on them. Sometimes one of us says something like, "All right, give up the horseshoe.", or "May I borrow your horseshoe?" There were even a few times in which one of us said, "I've got a magnet, so I can steal some of their luck."

In that webisode I saw twice already, Ryan was hogging a horseshoe of his own. XD

This Friday night, my mom and I were playing two rounds of two great games; two of Splendor and two of this really cute and funny press-your-luck card game called Ugh. You try to score as many sets of points as you can before the drawing deck is depleted. When you draw an Ugh Card first, you have to discard the number it reads on it and keep the Ugh Card as three points (as a consolation prize) for the very end of the game.

It was funny when I quickly used a Wild Card to steal the high number card she had just drawn, only to be discarded after getting an Ugh Card on my next turn.

I won at everything tonight, by the way. I pulled a Ryan Higa on my mom! I almost never get that lucky! XD If it happens again around anyone, I'll continue to call it "pulling a Ryan Higa". XD

I enjoy that guy's sense of humor. He's adorably funny! His friends he films mostly comedy videos with are just as much. They all seem really nice and cool--people I'd get along very well with. When they're playing against one another at video games for example, they're just as humorously competitive as some of my gaming friends. :)
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I think my nose has been sniffly in addition to a cough for just over a week now. I start working 5 days a week again, starting tomorrow. The temperature will be climbing up to the 50's by then. Spring is finally here.

I'll catch up with you on my friends list once I'm feeling much, much better.

Avatar: Last Airbender fandom related )

Not a whole lot has been going on. My mom and I still love going to see our friends and play board games with them on every other Friday night. There's this really good 2 to 4 player tile game that's a cross between the Uno card game and this rummy style tile game I've played called Rummikub. In Rummikub, if someone's placed 4 in a set, you can arrange someone's set (without breaking it) to make a set of your own. In Uno Rummy-Up, you get to do the same thing, but there are tiles that allow you to take extra turns. (The wild tile is the cruelest towards the opponents since when that comes into play, the person selected has to draw four tiles, mwahahaha...)

Two friends, Mom, and myself have played Uno Rummy-Up and we love it. Our friend Allan introduced Rummikub, and I believe he would enjoy this game that's similar to it.

Haha, on a random note, in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle video game you get to raise these creatures called Chaos. I have a yellow one and I named it after Alan since he usually picks yellow as a playable color if it's available in board games. (I've yet to mention to this to Alan. Maybe I should take a picture of this on my TV and show it to him, lol.)

It's an on-going thing, teasing him because he always prefers yellow as his color. It's hilarious because he's hilarious. He's very witty. Sometimes some of us joke that around him that if he goes traveling to see friends or family that we'll have a party and paint over all the yellow pieces in his games...

Since April Fool's Day is coming up, I think I'll write about the time in which Mom and I really got Alan good, some years ago. It's a memory that still gets me chuckling when thinking back on it. I think we've been in this meetup group for over six to seven years now, whoa! Time sure does fly!

The game that's one of his all time favorites is one called Cosmic Encounters. I never got a chance to play it yet and kind of forget what it's about, other than the players choosing to play a single type of alien race with their own abilities. (I think it's 2-4 players, and because there's usually five to six who show up at the meetups, I never got the chance to play this game yet. It seems really interesting. D:)

Mom came up with the idea I went along with of printing out a fake page about a sequel game in which you can play with your pet cat(s)--because Allan is also a cat person. He has two beautiful ones named Prince and Posh.

Alan was genuinely convinced "Cosmic Encounters 2" was real! I wasn't expecting that to happen. Mom's not a computer expert exactly. I'm not either, and I thought he would've found out it was fake. That he would have spotted something off while looking through what we handed to him--but it didn't happen. We actually told him it was fake long after showing him the pages.

He was such good sport about this, too. He was both surprised and amused! I remember Mom and I laughing so much after talking about it on the way home. I also remember cracking up while telling Dad that our little prank was a success. I had to stop and wait for my laughing to die down so he could hear me clearly.


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