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I think my nose has been sniffly in addition to a cough for just over a week now. I start working 5 days a week again, starting tomorrow. The temperature will be climbing up to the 50's by then. Spring is finally here.

I'll catch up with you on my friends list once I'm feeling much, much better.

Avatar: Last Airbender fandom related )

Not a whole lot has been going on. My mom and I still love going to see our friends and play board games with them on every other Friday night. There's this really good 2 to 4 player tile game that's a cross between the Uno card game and this rummy style tile game I've played called Rummikub. In Rummikub, if someone's placed 4 in a set, you can arrange someone's set (without breaking it) to make a set of your own. In Uno Rummy-Up, you get to do the same thing, but there are tiles that allow you to take extra turns. (The wild tile is the cruelest towards the opponents since when that comes into play, the person selected has to draw four tiles, mwahahaha...)

Two friends, Mom, and myself have played Uno Rummy-Up and we love it. Our friend Allan introduced Rummikub, and I believe he would enjoy this game that's similar to it.

Haha, on a random note, in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle video game you get to raise these creatures called Chaos. I have a yellow one and I named it after Alan since he usually picks yellow as a playable color if it's available in board games. (I've yet to mention to this to Alan. Maybe I should take a picture of this on my TV and show it to him, lol.)

It's an on-going thing, teasing him because he always prefers yellow as his color. It's hilarious because he's hilarious. He's very witty. Sometimes some of us joke that around him that if he goes traveling to see friends or family that we'll have a party and paint over all the yellow pieces in his games...

Since April Fool's Day is coming up, I think I'll write about the time in which Mom and I really got Alan good, some years ago. It's a memory that still gets me chuckling when thinking back on it. I think we've been in this meetup group for over six to seven years now, whoa! Time sure does fly!

The game that's one of his all time favorites is one called Cosmic Encounters. I never got a chance to play it yet and kind of forget what it's about, other than the players choosing to play a single type of alien race with their own abilities. (I think it's 2-4 players, and because there's usually five to six who show up at the meetups, I never got the chance to play this game yet. It seems really interesting. D:)

Mom came up with the idea I went along with of printing out a fake page about a sequel game in which you can play with your pet cat(s)--because Allan is also a cat person. He has two beautiful ones named Prince and Posh.

Alan was genuinely convinced "Cosmic Encounters 2" was real! I wasn't expecting that to happen. Mom's not a computer expert exactly. I'm not either, and I thought he would've found out it was fake. That he would have spotted something off while looking through what we handed to him--but it didn't happen. We actually told him it was fake long after showing him the pages.

He was such good sport about this, too. He was both surprised and amused! I remember Mom and I laughing so much after talking about it on the way home. I also remember cracking up while telling Dad that our little prank was a success. I had to stop and wait for my laughing to die down so he could hear me clearly.
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Last Monday, after it snowed over a few inches, my family and I had no water coming from the sinks and toilets. Luckily, we didn't have too long of a wait for the plumber to come by. All he needed to do was flick the switch on the water pump!

My dad got to go to an AA meeting on Thursday. I had to clear up some of the snow and make a pathway from the front porch to the walkway before his ride came. I had to take a break mid-way through doing so, 'cause it was 17 degrees. Also, the snow was almost as hard as a rock, so I hand to jab into that with the shovel to loosen it. Ugh...

Over the weekend, I got a teeny bit of writing and music done! I'm most likely halfway done on the experimental hip hop style track. I really like that beat I've been messing around on. The bassline I've put together is simple, yet it fits into place really nice with the synth notes and cave catacomb drippy ambient loop.

I'm thinking "Catacombs" is going to be a short track, 2-3 minutes long. I don't have much planned for this one. My Darius Twin Boss Theme remix is something I intend to experiment and prepare for more.

As for my Death Note story, Crawl, I couldn't get much done over the weekend, aside from some editing. I can't really get into the mindset of angsty Light Yagami when it's freezing out. *sigh* I'm hoping for a warmer weekend! I'm so done with winter now.

Also, over last week:

-I found out that my Nintendo 64 still works! I've started a new game of Majora's Mask and I'm almost halfway into it. I just got Epona (Link's mare) back. That damn bird stole one of my bottles, so I think I need to buy it back from the Curiosity Shop before I warp back to Romani Ranch to defend the barn from alien invaders... (LOL it's been ages since I last played this game, yet I remember what happens if you fail to defend that girl and the cows. Majora's Mask is dark, spooky, and crazy in some places. I love it.)

I've also been playing Gex 3, Mario Kart 64, and Star Fox 64. All these games are still fun!

-I made this awesome music video. My newest RP muse has been really inspirational to me! The song I found to be fitting to the Majora character really well. The chaotic feel to it, definitely! I also feel pretty good about the editing.

Last but not least, I welcome [personal profile] adraekh to my friends list. I'm currently bored at the moment, and one of my RP buddies isn't on AIM yet (I want to tell him about my Majora muse and future plot ideas), so I'll check up on the Reading Page.
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-I go back to work tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold, but I have kerosene, along with what I need to make myself some hot chocolate! Hnnng, I hope it won't take a long time to warm the place up because I want to do some writing for my fic, Crawl. I open from 10 AM to 6 PM, and that gives me time to write whenever traffic is slow.

I snagged a couple of photos to write out descriptions of, as well as Light's reaction to seeing such weird looking items in a store--from odd to oh, I so did not need to see that. That is, once I get to that part. In the beginning it's inner ramblings and angst coming from Light. My own character's being such a pain for him, and the "entity" that plucked her away from where she was to place her near him is causing him some stress he really doesn't need. What he does upon deciding how to not end up worrying about my Sim from sneaking around at night involves using something quick and effective to keep her in place. Where he goes to purchase such an item will disturb him a little, and it's a shop in which he wouldn't normally go, not at all. (I intend for that bit to be funny.)

-Yesterday, on a whim while just looking around on YouTube, I was curious to listen to some dark music in non-horror games and looking at the strange and unsettling things in the Legend of Zelda games. As I was doing this, a new roleplay writing muse came about. I AU'd the mask of Majora, taking place sometime after the story in the game ends! So far, this muse is really creepy and evil. It likes to pull some pranks too, to pass the time. Majora has some extra powers, and on the dear_mun community, there's a Ganondorf! Yay! 8D

I mean--oh no, this could get really bad for the heroes, if those two and my Primal Rage game AU formed an alliance! There's another muse of mine who's very familiar with the Majora's Mask game and has played it a few times.

[personal profile] majoras_mask <--This is the new character journal account I made. I think I made a little over half of the icons for it. I figured out how to make some great animated icons through this online image editor I know of... but I think I need to shrink the image size so the file size for icon usage is under 40 KB. I'm sure I'll figure it out! I think they'd be okay to use for message forums though, if not for places like around here, or on LJ.

I'm in a Majora's Mask Love mood.... )
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Yesterday at work was slow. Mom and I even stayed over at my bookstore a little longer and played a few board games while we were hoping for people to come in, because my bookshop is nearby an auction house. There was an auction indeed, but it didn't seem to interest most people much, and they all left. :/

So, my mom and I left not long after that and went home.

Today, I sold a bunch of books! Yay! Most of who came to shop were new customers, too.

I also managed to get some fanfic editing done!

More about a really intense Death Note fic I'm excited about getting back to )
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I just joined [personal profile] kalloway's supportive creative community [community profile] onedeadplotbunny. It looks very interesting, and I think I might need some help to inspire and motivate myself on going back to writing at least one of my Death Note fanfictions. I have one on called Collide, about this suspenseful concept I've completed 14 chapters for. I'll copy and paste the summary I wrote... (It's self-insert ish, just to give a heads up. Ish, because I'll be writing changes for my own original character as I write more for this.)

Summary )

So far, this has been written really well. It's believable too. Over 50 people on love this story. It's been two years since I last wrote anything for it, but I hadn't forgotten all about it! I'm just slow in making room for it. >.<

Also, I think I might want to get back into writing character prompts for my muses again. So far it's one word prompts for my two Durarara ones; Anri Sonohara, and Izaya Orihara. I've felt inspired between two people on my friends list. You know who you are. ;)

Victim, Slash, and Knife I think would be good for Anri. Knife and Crime would be good for Izaya.

If anything else comes to mind, I'll edit in those future story ideas.


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