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This is a continuation of what I started a little while ago, a day after an admirer of John Maynard Keynes (British economist) messaged me some incredibly foolish claims; that they didn't matter, and that "all ideas require force."

Let's go over what he said a bit. All ideas require force. It's as if voluntary ideas, according to him, don't exist at all, or haven't ever existed at all! According to the Keynesian Dolt's incredibly wacky claim, it's as if everyone is forcing anything onto anyone all at once; all party invitations, all of the friendly social gatherings, all of the of plays, movies, tv shows, game developing, and so on being the result from the initiation of aggression, or defensive force.

LOL... If that were true, then humanity wouldn't have evolved to adapt and live together in groups for very long at all. Keynesian Dolt wouldn't have been born. I know I wouldn't have been born, in the year 1984. XD

It's possible that he, in part, did not mean what he said in a literal sense. However, he still rejected the basic fact that good ideas don't require the use of force. He didn't agree with the positive statement that good ideas don't require force.

Did he object to that out of fear, ignorance, or both? I'd say it was both. For some reason, being as free as one can be from aggressive force, and to fully recognize each other as self-owning human beings is scary to him.

Yeah, this is going to get lengthy... )
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There is a type of mental disorder I know about that really should be addressed. It's a very common one, but there's an amount of people who would rather not recognize it, no matter how bad it is.

The solution to cure this disorder should be simple, but it's not. It not only requires time to understand how the human brain works. Curing oneself of it not only requires the understanding how and why various groups of individuals behave the way they do. It also requires self-examination, persistence, and courage to get more people to become aware of why they are insecure and uncertain about themselves. And more, because this disorder is so deep rooted within so many.

It's insanely bad, because it's caused a lot of human suffering for several years, partially due of the lack of knowledge about it. It's caused a lot of people to be at conflict with each other, as well as within themselves without really being aware of it.

What I'm explaining is not just any mental disorder, by the way. It's man-made, and institutionalized through very sinister ways. It's a psychological conditioning embedded so deep within the larger majority of the human race.

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There's this Holier Than Thou ignoramus of a statist on Twitter I had debated with, earlier today. It was overall unproductive, and it didn't really go anywhere. I'm reasonably annoyed at him now, and I just need to vent for a little while. He apparently doesn't know how to understand the definitions of words. He is morally bankrupt as well. His logic is flawed due to Authority Support Syndrome (ASS).

I'll put this under a cut. This rant will likely be lengthy. )
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Churning, churning
Endless cycles of violence,
Confusion, and fear
Breeding hate and distractions

Printing out the I.O.U.'s
Increasing your interest rates
Spending, wasting paper money
Enforcing debts and taxes
Too big to jail
Printed green slips based on nothing

Bailing out, the coward's way
Unable to take criticism well
Contempt and ignorance towards truth,
And understanding your lies
Hired propagandists cheer you on,
As you set up your endless wars
Setting your pawns out to kill
Each other, and plunder from those who live
In third world countries

Cruel Policies
Your enforcing mercenaries
Your favored judges and courts
Your bribes from lobbyists
Your unjust laws
Brainwashing minds
Constant lies
Breads and circuses
Bogus censorship
Justice horribly blind

Destructive Nature
Germ Warfare
Dictators in health-care
Slowly crushing,
Destroying children's innocence
Trying to normalize pedophilia

"Gender fluid"
Social Justice Warriors
Rioters orchestrated,
Being as immoral,
And violent as you

Your unfair, insane systems
Are cancerous viruses
Spreading wide and rampant
As you point your fingers
To those who call you out
On your lunacy and tyranny
Calling them paranoid
Calling them threats to societies.

Your shills and moniturds are hilarious!
None of them are Batman, nor any kind of hero
You psychos are not looking so good,
As you crave for more crime,
More lunacy, more hate


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