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I commented on Ryan and friends' newest video today after I watched it, about them pulling a really simple yet great prank on this expert prankster, Yousef of FouseyTube. Yousef's reaction? PRICELESS! His scream, then falling down and laughing out loud cracked me up!

Not long after I posted the comment, Ryan had replied to it.

Haha, I'd be worried too if I were him. Sometime later, Yousef had posted a comment. "BY FAR THE MOST SIMPLE BUT GENIUS AND HILARIOUS PRANK I HAVE EVER SEEN! hahahahha. WHO SITS IN A BOX FOR OVER 2 HOURS?!?!?

DEAR RYAN, what will you do to protect yourself from my revenge?! >:)"

Here's the video, by the way.

Yousef tends to be a very creative pranker. (Haha, his Mortal Kombat in an elevator prank vids for example. I enjoyed those!) Ryan knows this already, so I'm sure he'll be watching his back for quite a while.

EDIT: I just made the icon I'm using. Because it's true!
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As RP tags have slowed down most of the way, I decided to go check on favorite channels I subscribed to with my main YouTube channel.

Brentalfloss did his Final Fantasy 7 medley without lyrics, and I just finished checking that it's a very good quality instrumental! In the With Lyrics version of this song, I admit that there's a handful of mini-games inside the original game. However, I didn't mind it all that much. The story and characters are awesome. And, the funny stuff you get to do in there! Overall, I liked that too.

After listening to the FF7 Without Lyrics, I listened to some of his older ones, and decided to listen to them on different speeds. I never thought of doing this before until today, and it's actually sort of fun. Sometimes the results have been amusing to ridiculously amusing, while other results actually made the song sound cooler.

To try this, go the gear symbol that's at the bottom right side of the bar right under the video. You'll see an option that reads "Speed". The slowest is 0.25 seconds slower, and the highest is at 2 seconds faster. (I think it's in seconds. I'm not entirely sure.)

Brentalfloss videos and suggestions for fun playback speeds under this cut )

...After I eat lunch, I think I might follow through with this crazy idea that's coming to my mind right now; to hear speedy versions of those chipmunk versions of rock songs I have in my Favorites Playlist. This ought to be interesting, LOL!


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