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-I go back to work tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold, but I have kerosene, along with what I need to make myself some hot chocolate! Hnnng, I hope it won't take a long time to warm the place up because I want to do some writing for my fic, Crawl. I open from 10 AM to 6 PM, and that gives me time to write whenever traffic is slow.

I snagged a couple of photos to write out descriptions of, as well as Light's reaction to seeing such weird looking items in a store--from odd to oh, I so did not need to see that. That is, once I get to that part. In the beginning it's inner ramblings and angst coming from Light. My own character's being such a pain for him, and the "entity" that plucked her away from where she was to place her near him is causing him some stress he really doesn't need. What he does upon deciding how to not end up worrying about my Sim from sneaking around at night involves using something quick and effective to keep her in place. Where he goes to purchase such an item will disturb him a little, and it's a shop in which he wouldn't normally go, not at all. (I intend for that bit to be funny.)

-Yesterday, on a whim while just looking around on YouTube, I was curious to listen to some dark music in non-horror games and looking at the strange and unsettling things in the Legend of Zelda games. As I was doing this, a new roleplay writing muse came about. I AU'd the mask of Majora, taking place sometime after the story in the game ends! So far, this muse is really creepy and evil. It likes to pull some pranks too, to pass the time. Majora has some extra powers, and on the dear_mun community, there's a Ganondorf! Yay! 8D

I mean--oh no, this could get really bad for the heroes, if those two and my Primal Rage game AU formed an alliance! There's another muse of mine who's very familiar with the Majora's Mask game and has played it a few times.

[personal profile] majoras_mask <--This is the new character journal account I made. I think I made a little over half of the icons for it. I figured out how to make some great animated icons through this online image editor I know of... but I think I need to shrink the image size so the file size for icon usage is under 40 KB. I'm sure I'll figure it out! I think they'd be okay to use for message forums though, if not for places like around here, or on LJ.

I'm in a Majora's Mask Love mood.... )
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Yesterday at work was slow. Mom and I even stayed over at my bookstore a little longer and played a few board games while we were hoping for people to come in, because my bookshop is nearby an auction house. There was an auction indeed, but it didn't seem to interest most people much, and they all left. :/

So, my mom and I left not long after that and went home.

Today, I sold a bunch of books! Yay! Most of who came to shop were new customers, too.

I also managed to get some fanfic editing done!

More about a really intense Death Note fic I'm excited about getting back to )
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This morning, I got a new plot bunny for one of Anri's prompts! It just came to me!

Anri, from Durarara, has this katana (named Saika) with a female personification - a crazy motherly one that wants to be connected to all of the human race. For those who don't know anything about this anime and manga, I typed up a glossary of terms on my Anri character journal, so to get an idea of how twisted Saika's love toward humanity is, check it out:

For the prompt I picked titled Slash, I think it's definitely a very interesting idea to write through Saika's POV, the feelings and thoughts of this sentience object of darkness from the day she chose Anri to after the Saika Arc.

I know that whenever I do RP with this character, I mention on what happens with Saika's whispering mantra of "I love you I love you I love you I love you..." For example: If Anri's in danger around dangerous people, the whispers in her mind that Anri usually tunes out, then she would hear the whispering sound louder, and whispering something like, "I love you I love you I love cut mother love love cut..." This is more head canon than pure canon, by the way. This was never really mentioned in the anime, or manga.

I think this prompt idea would be great and really interesting to do. I don't think I've seen any story idea like this on, or on Archive Of Our Own. I usually think up things no one else has thought before anyway. That's nothing new to me.

Anri's one of my most favorite characters of this series. She's complicated, and is just this mess inside, apart from having a supernatural katana that she keeps as a secret from most. She's afraid of love (the very emotion itself in general) since she was a little girl, yet she still yearns for happiness, to be loved. She loved her parents very much, yes, but there were at times when her father had been abusive to both his wife and Anri herself. I believe her father was a bit of an alcoholic, because alcohol can definitely transform a kind and loving person into a bad tempered and violent person. (This would be another plot device bunny by the way, for the prompt Victim.)

I relate to this a little, from when I was much younger. My dad used to be an alcoholic so very long ago, and he at times scared me. I won't ever touch an alcoholic beverage, not ever. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. It can severely damage families, both physically and emotionally.

Fortunately, the damage in my family didn't get to the point to falling apart. My parents have been married for over 20 years now, and never divorced. Once, and only once during my childhood did they separate for a while, and that was a close call...

Both prompts for Anri and Saika will be absolutely emotional, and dark. Getting Slash started this weekend would be great. Yes, I want to do this one first. Then, after that, I'll write out Victim.


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