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There is a type of mental disorder I know about that really should be addressed. It's a very common one, but there's an amount of people who would rather not recognize it, no matter how bad it is.

The solution to cure this disorder should be simple, but it's not. It not only requires time to understand how the human brain works. Curing oneself of it not only requires the understanding how and why various groups of individuals behave the way they do. It also requires self-examination, persistence, and courage to get more people to become aware of why they are insecure and uncertain about themselves. And more, because this disorder is so deep rooted within so many.

It's insanely bad, because it's caused a lot of human suffering for several years, partially due of the lack of knowledge about it. It's caused a lot of people to be at conflict with each other, as well as within themselves without really being aware of it.

What I'm explaining is not just any mental disorder, by the way. It's man-made, and institutionalized through very sinister ways. It's a psychological conditioning embedded so deep within the larger majority of the human race.

In my experience, I wasn't fully affected with this disorder, but I had still had it. I had not just a lack of understanding, and minimal curiosity about how things are. I didn't know at the time why some people were so crazy and violent, and I never paid much attention at all to politics due to not really understanding it, and lack of interest. I used to be oblivious about things as much as everyone else...

I had experienced a rude inner awakening over an old news report I came across online that disturbed me some, about thousands of innocents who could have died from formaldehyde poisoning if FEMA hadn't been caught trying to cover that up. That soon lead to seeing a documentary on the aftermath of this. It revealed some really shady business about FEMA trailers just being resold and not given any proper repairs and inspections. The "Not For Housing" stickers were removed. No one warned anybody who couldn't afford safer homes about formaldehyde poisoning.

That shocked me. Corporate media did not speak anything of this documentary, after I became curious to find more information. I did not know why, yet I wanted to know why. Shortly after discovering this, I had questions. And that lead to more questions and research.

You know what else the corporate media will never talk about?? Psychological warfare tactics being used within school systems. I did some videos about that subject, and uploaded them to my YouTube channel.

Through learning about this messed up shit, I was curing myself from this fuzzy oblivious mentality I used to have about the world. I didn't know it back then, but that's what happened.

It was as if I had been wearing blurry goggles my entire life, up until the point after first finding out about how people are just not treated like people. Truth hidden in plain sight! Meanwhile? The larger majority remain in that fuzzy oblivious mental state of ignorance. And worse...

A major part to this metaphorical man-made disorder is what is called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is when one's core beliefs don't match up with factual evidence and logic that is presented to them. When something foreign contradicts someones strong and familiar beliefs, there comes mental tension and discomfort. Those who reject the new information will ignore it, reply in denial of it, or rationalize it away so they don't have to ever think about it.

The rejection of reality and reason to those who are conflicted with cognitive dissonance happen with too many people. Way too many to keep track of.

"The further a society drifts away from truth, the more they hate those who speak it." - George Orwell, author of what I think is one of the most important fictional novels in human history, 1984. Because it warns against totalitarianism, and against human societies who think and behave completely backwards.

A smaller majority of philosophers, researchers, activists, whistle-blowers, and former educators would know what I'm talking about. Doctors, medical businesses, corporations, and schools won't have information about statism, because it's already been designed to keep the larger majority ignorant and oblivious of their own suffering.

I hadn't explained this subject in this manner to someone, sometime before she first became so furious over me. Her name is Krystina. One way to describe about this is by way of religious cult. I tried to explain this to her in the easiest way I could, yet that did not work out very well.

What I did wrong: I didn't think of this approach sooner. It was before I found out through her that she has a mental disorder. Still, I know I should keep remembering to go with different ways to explain about on subjects.

Explaining about statism as a mental disorder would be another way to help people understand why they are in constant conflict with one another, why nothing's really changing for the better, and why people's civil liberties are getting restricted little by little.

I just thought about another type of serious disorder, that's not quite as hideous and destructive, but it's still very serious. Alcoholism is a disease I've known about for many years, at first because a member of my family used to be an alcoholic when I was very young of age.

People who can't stop drinking have their own thinking and emotional problems. They behave irrationally when heavily under the influence, and cause harm to themselves and everyone else around them. I've grown up around people who are A.A. members, and I have watched a handful of films.

I mention alcoholism because I've realized how people who are drunk by their emotions (emotions dominant over thinking) who don't realize what they're doing is similarity chaotic and damaging to what alcoholic drunks do. However, the disorder of statism is responsible for damage on a much, MUCH larger and wider scale.

People who don't drink or do drugs have their own serious mental and emotional defects. They're only semi-aware of it. The debates I've had, by asking people questions about what they believe, along with how and why they believe certain things; the minds of those I was asking made themselves react in some odd and crazy ways.

For example, when I sometimes say that all human interaction ought to be more voluntary and that good ideas don't require force, I've received responses from people who just want to change the subject and not think about what I've said. Red herring statements; "But, who will build the roads?" "All ideas require force." "Morality doesn't matter." "You're childish."

Those who aren't knowingly diagnosed with mental disability (most people) actually do reply in those responses. And they have been refuted about a thousand times over the years, yet they still keep saying the same stuff. And you can't just use logic and reasoning to get them to agree with you, because of cognitive dissonance... These beliefs are not based on factual evidence or logic. And you can't just go about explaining things while feeling rattled or stressed either, or else they'll see you as a loon, and not want to talk to you.

A lot of human reality is backwards. Most of the victims of this mass mental disorder have Stockholm syndrome. At first, when learning what's real and what isn't? I was really fiercely determined and bitter at times, but then I found the antidote to statism, later within the same year I first woke up inward. Voluntaryist principles. Anarchism.

Ah, but is anarchy really chaos and mayhem? Are mutual voluntary interactions and freed up, self regulating market economies really chaos? The mainstream propaganda spews that anarchists are a bunch of masked goons who go around rioting, such as Antifa.

CNN published a contradictory phrase in a headline once, to try to justify Antifa's actions; "peace through violence." Peaceful violence? That makes no sense! Because violence only leads to more violence! CNN is short for what I call the Center of Nutty News.

No, those are not anarchists. They're useful idiots who raise hell for the mainstream narratives to spin and sell to as many people at once, through fear mongering.

Introducing the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP); all coercive force, theft, and fraud are illegitimate. It's always wrong, even if it's done in the name of good and justice. Force can only be justified through defense. People as individuals own themselves. Anyone using aggression against someone who's not harming anybody is violating the attacked's freedom to do as he or she pleases in peace.

The NAP and Self Ownership - they're more decent and civilized concepts to begin to look into, right? However, the masses with backwards and inconsistent thinking would disagree. Their contradictory beLIEfs are in the way! The American Dream is their ILLusion of freedom.

They'd rather cling to the contradictions they're more familiar with. Everyone they know and see from time to time with the same mental disorder share them. Because if at least most in a community agrees with what they've been taught without question, then it's common knowledge. Why would anyone question their beliefs? Anyone who questions these backwards beliefs of theirs are the crazy ones to them! (And that's really crazy.) They want to mean well and do what they think is best, but some of their morals though are beyond lousy!

To the victims of statist mental disorder, those beliefs of theirs sound much nicer over any unpleasant truths. (Here's something bizarre that someone had shown me a while ago. The definition of the word nice: pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory. The etymology definition of the word nice is: )

"It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." - comedian and actor, George Carlin. He passed away years ago, but his words of wisdom live on. Yeah, he badmouthed things related to the American Dream Matrix a lot during his stand-up shows. He was right to do so though! And his words helped me laugh at the crazy shit, and much of what he says makes sense of things. Really, you're welcome to find out for yourself, if you don't mind comedy in a no holdback, brutally honest way. Type "george carlin" in the YouTube search box, and enjoy. =) I love his anti-political stuff a lot. I find it hard not to laugh and agree about what he's said. I recommend at least two videos such as "You Have No Rights" and "We Like War".

See, through what I've explained, it can be said that the political process so anti-human. In reality, it's anti-liberty.

A major reason why people are not united in true freedom, but an ILLusion of freedom, is because of a tyrannical tactic that's been in existence since Ancient Rome: divide and conquer. The left and the right, voting for what they want against each other. Oppressing each other.

Victims of statist mental disorder vote for their candidate for the policies they like, while the people they don't trust are imposed upon. Doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results, is insanity.

I'm very interested in doing this sort of video, or more than one video, that features comparing and differing the defects of those diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and the many individuals who aren't officially diagnosed as mentally disordered. A different video on the comparisons between statism and alcoholism is something I will also want to do. Or, maybe I'll combine all three in one video.

I might learn or think of new things as I write up the script and gather what pictures and pictorial quotes I'll want to use.
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