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This is from what I uploaded onto I'm going to put it under a cut because it is for mature readers only! To the older teens and adults who are not offended easily; please read on!

The Problems I've Noticed about NAMBLA

I need to get this off my chest. I need to share what I’ve discovered, along with my honest opinions. I have to warn everyone, again; this is a topic meant only for mature readers.

I aim to explain in as less of a graphic way as possible on the subject I’m about to bring up, but that’s going to be tough to do... because the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are advocates of pedophilia. They’ve been aiming to educate the public about that, even to children in schools.

I assure you, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. You read that correctly. Go on their website,, if you don’t believe me. What I’ve been learning about them reminds me of a brief news report in a video I have watched online a while back, about same sex education being taught to preschoolers.

Why should five and six year olds, even kids in elementary school, have any sex education? Why shouldn’t I or anyone else be very concerned about this? Does anyone here besides worried parents and myself realize what’s wrong?

Sex education in schools has been a controversial subject for a very long time. I already know about that. I’ve never been a parent, but I've babysat for parents’ kids, multiple times. I understand and sometimes empathize with parents, who love and care for their sons and daughters. I would agree with them, and wouldn’t approve of any organization willingly expose children to something very graphic. I know I wouldn’t leave out any material like that out in the open for any boy or girl to find.

I’ve become aware about NAMBLA. I realize that they would be for sex education taught to very young children! They’ve already been part of the agenda for teaching same sex education to kids in preschool and elementary school.

I don’t usually have problems towards the LGBT community. I’m even good friends with a gay man. (I’ll address people I know only by their first names.) Allan is caring, funny, and open-minded. My mom and I enjoy playing board games with him. Our other friends of different races, men and women, also like being around him. He doesn’t openly talk about his private life when no one asks him to. I’d rather not go into more detail than that. I don’t think I need to.

One of my other friends, Erik, brings his son, who is elementary school age, and neither of us have seen any problems. I’ve been friends with Allan for over six years now.

To be very clear, I am not discriminating against the LGBT community as a whole. Although, when certain individuals' activisms and demands to be treated with respect goes too far, that is when I get concerned.

I first found out about NAMBLA through a book I’ve found, titled “The Homosexual Agenda: How the Gay Lobby is Targeting America’s Children.” This was compiled and written by the organization Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. I found this in my bookstore. This was published in 1997.

I read from an excerpt from an essay that was mentioned in an essay that was from a 1993 edition of a NAMBLA newsletter, titled “Letter to a Young Boy Lover,” about giving advice to men on seducing boys as young as nine years old. This man who wrote it, mentioned about leaving a naughty magazine where a boy could be sure to find it, and a few other things that should be meant for people who are of older age.

I’ll quote something else here from the book I found on a very concerning issue about NAMBLA, on page 8. “Of course, many Americans consider NAMBLA and pedophiles in general a threat to the ‘human rights’ and well being of children and teens. NAMBLA defends sex between men and young boys, and favors abolishing all age-of-consent laws designed to protect minors.”

Wikipedia and currently state the same thing, about these people wanting to remove age-of-consent laws.

I don’t judge anybody by the color of their skin, gender, or sexual preference. However, when it comes to careless and disrespectful intentions from those who have the unsettling mindset of "get 'em while they're young", that’s a different matter! One doesn’t have to be a Christian to know what’s appropriate and what’s not. People with common sense would know in general on what’s safe, and what’s dangerous.

Does NAMBLA know what they’re doing?

I looked on their website recently. I'll get right down to what really disturbed me; an article by them under their psychology page, titled “Dolphins Do It.” Sure, dolphins can be homosexual. I know that. I suppose it wouldn’t be too surprising or shocking if at least some male dolphins actually happen to be that particular way towards younger ones of their species – but that isn’t really something I'd think about, or visualize!

What NAMBLA didn't mention in their article was the fact there is a really nasty side of male dolphins I saw once, and then never again. What they sometimes do with dead fish... I’d rather not mention any further in detail. To those who don’t already know what I mean, I’m only going to tell you to research at your own risk if you actually want to know.

I wonder if NAMBLA knows about that fact! Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t! Either way, what I'm saying is this; they should have absolutely no business in children’s education! Not that I’m trying to give NAMBLA ideas, but if people let them accomplish their mission, I predict that one of their advertising slogans would be, Dolphins do it! Why shouldn’t we?

I know what I'm talking about here. I know of sinister politics, industries, and banksters who are for splitting up the family unit, in addition to creating all sorts of really bad problems for us.

Globalists are very sneaky! Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, is a Globalist. I've known that for a while. I just found out that he's with NAMBLA. That should be a really good reason for Facebook users to delete their accounts, and never go on that website again!

I strongly advise and encourage parents and others who are concerned about children’s overall well being to watch NAMBLA closely, and learn about what they already have done! There are other organizations, who support the same ideas and agendas NAMBLA has.

From the book I mentioned earlier, page 7: “In 1990, the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) passed a resolution under the heading ‘Man/boy, woman/girl love’ that effectively recognized pedophiles as a ‘sexual minority’. The resolution states, ‘The ILGA calls on all members to treat all sexual minorities with respect and to engage in constructive dialogue with them.’ The recognition of pedophiles as a distinct ‘sexual minority’ is a key demand of advocates of adult-child sex. By making claims as a ‘minority’, pederasts can essentially follow in the footsteps of homosexual activists and demand legal and societal changes to guarantee their ‘rights’. Thus ‘pedophile rights’ would follow on the heels of ‘gay rights’. Another ILGA resolution, arising from a ‘Pedophilia workshop,’ states that ‘in many countries existing laws on sexual coercion and rules of evidence also often operate to oppress and not to protect.’ Such language parallels NAMBLA’s own, which argues that age-of-consent and other sex laws ‘exploit’ young boys and girls by infringing upon their ‘right’ to be sexual beings.”

What about their possible exploitation upon boys and girls? Laws and rules that protect children from being violated exist for that reason.

I find these people to be irresponsible, and disrespectful! Why has this been allowed to get so alarmingly bad? These pro-globalist progressives alongside NAMBLA truly believe they know better than most parents, yet I haven't noticed them doing a great job of proving that! They know what they do upsets parents, and they do it anyway. (Most recently, there's of course been arguments about transgenders in schools. I'm sure many of you have heard or read something about that! Yes indeed, we are living in very troubling times.)

In addition to this, what sex education in public schools has done is increase teens’ tolerance of sex. According to Beverly K. Eakman from Washington D.C., whose career has been distinguished in both politics and education, she had done some research into past statistics. I just thought of a certain footnote from her book “Educating for the ‘New World Order’” that was published in 1991, page 278.

“The July 1986 issue of Family Planning Perspectives (a publication of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which is the research arm of Planned Parenthood) stated that youngsters who go through sex education courses have a 40 percent increased likelihood of experimenting with sex than if they had never taken the course. Sex education courses tend to legitimize teenage sexual activity by implying, under authority of the school, that ‘everybody is doing it.’ Yet, the same publication quoted an Ohio State University study, based on interviews with 6,000 young women in a national representative sample, in which it was found that only 6.6 percent had sex by age 15. Another study, put out by ‘Who’s Who Among American High School Students,’ found that among 1987‘s top senior year students - those with straight A’s and B’s - a full 70 percent never had sex and 82 percent had never tried marijuana.”

Let's see if the numbers have increased in more recent years... As I'm looking, I've definitely seen information that sex education courses are not just for teens anymore! In 2010, a report by the World Health Organization stated that sex education should teach masturbation to children as young as 4 years old!

In 2013, Chicago became the biggest U.S. city to mandate Sex Ed. for every grade level.

During 2011–2013, among unmarried 15–19-year-olds, 44% of females and 49% of males had had sexual intercourse. This level has been steady since 2002.

How far must humanity go in a downward spiral, until they think for themselves and stop relying on these “professionals”?

Thank you for reading on what I had to say.


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