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Recently, I had to change my password to this blog again. On, I mentioned about those online monitor doofuses I call moniturds to someone, who mentioned this show I’ve never watched before called Mr. Roboto, in which must have been named after that awesome song, by the band Styx. It’s one of the truthful songs on my old phone I use as a multimedia tool. On it are a handful of such songs that are about various on-going problems.

What she mentioned about this show I’m curious to check out later on; online privacy and computer hacking. Her enthusiastic post reminded me of the moniturds. I commented this on her post about them, about those CIA and NSA bozos, government trolls and hackers for hire. I mentioned my thoughts about them, since I don’t get creeped out by any of them at all. I never was, and I’ve kept screenshots I’ve taken because of them, for reference.

This includes a screenshot I took of the time I couldn’t access a United Nations website on the 17 Goals of Sustainability. I kept getting the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error message. I first saved this to post on my Twitter account, and mock the moniturds who were no doubt responsible for doing that. The laptop I use works really good. It’s constantly up to date and I’m very careful to not allow any viruses, malware, or any of that junk to get onto the laptop.

Luckily I found the information I wanted to look at on another site. I told the person who likes this Mr. Roboto show about that.

I think I got on their nerves, LOL. Not long after I commented to this same person who wrote poems about her cats, good stuff, I realized that I couldn’t log in to my Dreamwidth account. I had to change my password because of those ridiculous bozos for the second time ever. XD They’d rather have me shut up about them, along with all the other efforts I’ve been doing to help stir people to think for themselves.

Of course, I’ll never do that. I know they don’t care about the self-destructive direction that humanity is going in. I know that they target me because they like being in power. They like the In Greed We Trust, AKA Tyrant System. They don’t want the same things I do. I just chuckle and laugh in amusement whenever they try to intimidate me, troll me, or interfere into what it is I do online. Power mad people who never play fair. They got their brains on backwards. Looney Tunes power hungry people, lol.

There’s a lot that mainstream news never talks about. You won’t hear them saying much about anything I’ve researched on. They cover for the tyrants. They sure clammed up after the reports of FEMA’s failed cover-up on Hurricane Katrina survivors by the thousands getting sick due to unsafe levels of formaldehyde coming from inside the trailers that were issued out to them.

Can’t trust those lying presstitutes. Take whatever they say with a grain of salt. That’s what I do!

Eventually, I’ll do podcasts about their rotten psy-op operations to invoke fear into the hearts of people who listen and trust what those talking heads say.

That’s a lonnnng way to go though. There are still other big subjects to go over before that. I’ve listed them during my latest podcast:

Coming soon, sometime after the whole thing with the house inspector is done with, I’ll do the next video in the video series I’ve started. That will be a part two to the different approach to people, especially the close-minded. It’s where I start to go into basics about indoctrination that’s public education – in addition to going into why I won’t ever vote for any politician. I title this series, "Your Journey to TRUE Freedom (This is especially for the closed minded.)"

I also look forward to doing a podcast with at least one of the members of my Wise Men and Wise Women community on It’s going to be about Whole Child Education. Which is a major part of Rotten Core.

Many educators and parents across America are doing what they can to help put an end to that whole mess. I even found a Facebook page on parents and educators from my home county who are against Rotten Core. When it comes to kids vomiting and wetting themselves in class during one of those tests, that’s child abuse. Parent alienation is also abuse.

The indoctrination of children to becoming dependent thinkers into a collective, not independent thinkers. That, along with the collectivism agendas; it’s not right!

When my buddy and I go over Whole Child Education, there will be possibly a little extra to hopefully wrap things up about the corruption in the education system, for both NewGrounds and YouTube. I’m predicting that the truth about American currency will be next. I put up a poll onto my community, and someone voted for that option.

That subject will be divided up into at least 3 parts; what was going on before the birth of the Federal Reserve (including the Panic of 1907), the financers and their meetings on Jekyll Island, and a brief history as to how the gold and silver certificates eventually changed into just legal tender for all debts, public and private.

I still haven’t looked into everything there is to know. I haven’t looked in depth into Agenda 21 yet, or about HARRP. I just started learning about the United Nations. I will eventually. Just have to keep learning a chunk at a time.

Last and most certainly not least, who else besides myself found out what the director of the FBI said about there being no reason to prosecute Hillary Clinton about her emails? Yuck, disgusting... (I tweeted to all the FBI Twitter accounts the avatar pic from one of Anita Hoge's accounts minutes ago.) Although, on the bright side, IF she wins and becomes the president, it may not be very long until she gets impeached. She's not any better than her husband. (LOL, see tags.)

People are waking up this year, one to a few at a time as far as I know - and they're not going to tolerate it.
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