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I'll put a cut to possibly more lengthiness.

So, yep. I've been anti-establishment for quite a while, and I like the Voluntaryist (Anarchist) philosophy a lot. Anarchy does not mean without rules. That's a negative connotation fed to those who believe Fakestream media. To be a Voluntaryist means for all human interaction to be upon consent. If I can't oppress, rule, or use Legal Tender to rob you through taxes, then you shouldn't either. There would still be rules - without the tyrants.

Why do a large portion of people like being herded? Why can't those who are teaching students show and tell them how to be independent thinkers?

If we're supposed to be civilized, then why can't that happen?

Authority doesn't really have our backs. Police across the world act more like thugs. Oh yes, they protect and serve the hell out of us!

I don't believe government should exist anymore, since they're about brainwashing, inducing fear, oppressing, dumbing us down, and enslaving so many people and all that. Hitler's regime went on for a time because of Authority. The Germans were victims of Authority.

China's a Communist country not because all Chinese are evil. It's because of the rule of Authority. The same goes for Cuba.

SO MANY PEOPLE have been suffering because they've been trained to Obey the State. Statism is like a religion of the worst kind. The elections and consumerisms are like rituals. And people in the greedy shady businesses, even the really high degree Freemasons, view themselves as gods. When people play god, you know what happens, right?

Voluntaryism. Learn it. Understand it. You should look up Larken Rose. He uses humor, just as I do, and he speaks with common sense. He knows a lot of what I know! Here's his speech about Mass Mind Control:

Humanity must learn to become more responsible. We must stop obeying, and start living. We can't rely on people who only pretend to care about us as they lie and oppress us each and every day. We must do everything ourselves.

Why do we need war? Why do we need phony paper money and taxation? Why do we need to be indoctrinated to be dependent thinkers? Why do we need vaccines, and poisonous other drugs? Why do we need poisonous GMOs? Why do children so young have to learn about sex?

This survival of the fittest mentality is wrong. Herd mentality is wrong. Individuality is important, United Nations and Builderbergers!! Why is it bad for us to have large brains?

Why do we need so much technology if it dehumanizes?

I believe we can learn to do better. I believe we can learn to see past all the tyrants and peons, Us VS Them - all that needs to be dropped, forgotten, and left behind.

I know Larken Rose and myself aren't the only two people who know this. People need to open their minds, not close them.

I honestly hope my neighbor witnesses something that will have him think that maybe voting is not the answer after all.

Two Voluntaryists seemed to have been frustrated over people as stubborn as him. My notifications from Twitter have been coming and coming. I've been communicating to them. It seems that today is just one of those days in which the Statist sheeple have been really frustrating.
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