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I've been revisiting the band Muse's music for a while this week. I appreciate what they do. I really do, for a lot of what this British rock band is about is pro-liberty. They are very anti-state, anti-oppression, and anti-collectivist/anti-globalist. They've become very successful with many fans all over the world, but not all of them seem to understand as well as I do on what's been going on. (Eventually, they'll get there. Well, I hope so!)

I remember reading from a few places online that the vocalist and guitarist Matt Bellamy was a left-leaning libertarian. It's from two older news articles anyway. It's outdated. I think they've steered far away from socialism and communism by now! To me at least, their latest album titled Drones reveals a lot about that! JFK's speech before his assassination, the album's front cover, etc. They are strongly against indoctrination and mind control. They've protested a lot against this in some of their songs. "MK Ultra", "The Handler", and "Psycho" for example. I love all three of those, and I'm still hooked on their song "Madness". It's honest, catchy, and in the lyrics is call for escaping the madness of this backwards world. There's the line, I have finally seen the light, and I have finally realized - I need to love! I need to love!

I had pondered about where they currently stood on and off for a while, since last night, lol. Now I'm very positive on this.

Have you heard their newest song, Dig Down? It's a very positive song, that encourages the listener(s) to find a way to break away from the oppressive, fear-mongering, and unjust powers that shouldn't be - and to find peace. I think the new song is growing on me some. In my own small way, I am rooting for these guys.

Lyrics to their song Dig Down:

When hope and love has been lost
And you fall to the ground
You must find a way
When the darkness descends
And you're told it's the end
You must find a way

When God decides to look the other way
And a clown takes the throne
We must find a way
Face the firing squad
Against all the odds
You will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When you're close to the edge
With a gun to your head
You must find a way

When friends are thin on the ground
And they try to divide us
We must find a way
We have entered the fray
And we will not obey
We must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When they've left you for dead (dig down)
And you can only see red (dig down)
You must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Find faith
We won't let them divide (dig down)
We will never abide (dig down)
We will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down

The music vibe and lyrical content is sort of like gospel music - but I don't think this song is to find faith in a religion (because of "when God decides to look the other way"). I think they're trying to send the message of finding faith and hope in humanity again.

Right now on YouTube, there's two different versions of this song. There's their original music video, and the on-going YouTube streaming that's an A.I. lyrical version of the song. The music video is cool. The A.I. lyric is interesting, and I once just hung out in the stream chat for a little over 2 hours and had to turn down the volume of the loop as I did. I like the original version of this song more than the loop honestly. It's a creative, unique, and different take for any song, but the repetitiveness of it in the loop eventually gets a little dull.

I look forward to hearing more new songs from Muse. =)
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