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(I'm writing this all down so I can read the following aloud on for my next YouTube video. The truth must not be censored out!! This might be pointless to ever try to reason with all the feminists and SJWs that go to government to create safe spaces for them online, but I still have to try.)

To the feminists and SJWs who want YouTube sanitized of any views you disagree with on YouTube - I have this important message to say to all of you.

I'll try to be as nice and honest as I can as to how I think and feel about the choices you have made. I won't name-call. My intent is not to insult.

I hope that some of you will listen to this video all the way to the end, to share with your friends and families. I really would like you to both open your hearts and minds to what I have to say...

I first want to say to all of you in the feminist and SJW community as individuals on how I am sincerely sorry for you all - on how easy it must be for you to get your feelings hurt. That must be very difficult for you to experience.

If it was like that for me, I could imagine self-harming myself. I could imagine going through constant misery and heartache, feeling outnumbered and suffocated due to an amount of people I wouldn't be able to stand, because of their opinions that would go against mine. I could imagine being unable to be truly satisfied with myself because of these feelings that would be dominant inside of me.

I'm not speaking out of hate, or anger by the way. I'm trying to sympathize with you a bit, through my perspective.

As it is understandable to me that some people may say things out of hate to you, and to say racist things about you and the people you care for. It's evident that not everyone is out to get you. I'm not out to get you. I wouldn't be an aggressor towards people. That's not how I live my life.

I'm one of those stubborn optimists. I'm also very much a realist, with an open mind. I'm about encouraging people to educate themselves on real-world issues. Things that not everyone is talking about, that's not being talked about on your news TV channels, or online news media such as The Young Turks. I also point out the hypocrisies and immoralities within politics. Politics tends to bring out the worst in humanity, all over the world.

I'm not assuming anything, but I think it's safe to say that a lot of you may understand that already. Otherwise you wouldn't feel so strongly against world views that are the opposite of yours. Right?

I would like to speak about your recent demands are on the new content policies you'd like YouTube to have, and go over why I don't agree with your intentions to enforce censorship.

I understand that you tend to feel offended by certain facts and opinions. From what I've observed, in watching some of what you say and how you react to them on YouTube - I've found it concerning to about your intentions to want to protect your feelings and values over understanding how people really are, and understanding why they think and feel differently from you. And understanding the reasons why the way you behave is not attractive to others outside of your realms of who you are as individuals.

Not everyone agrees on the same things, and that's not going away. Bad people and their bad choices will never go away. Making that go away by making it law to prop yourselves up and block others off, based on wanting YouTube to be your own safe space, without having to worry about opposing views at all - leads to consequences for everyone, including yourselves.

Why do you feel and think it's necessary to enforce policies to match with what you like and are comfortable with to be more valuable and more credible than everyone else's? It's one thing to not like and disagree with opinions and facts, but it's another to want to impose what you want onto everyone else. Isn't it? The saying goes, revenge is best served cold, but I must ask you; do you really believe you will achieve the respect and happiness you've always wanted, by doing what other people did to hurt you?

You'd hate it soooo much if someone you did that to you, so why would you want that done to them? To have it happen first, before anyone else can do the same thing to you?

I'm talking about fairness. I'm talking about reason, and moral consistency. If you want peace of mind online and offline around everyone else, then you've got to let them be in peace.

Look, you can't fight hate with hate. You can't fight racism with racism, or use force backed with more force to have people accept and appreciate you for who you are. That leads to more hatred, suppression, and racism.

This, on both the left-side and right-side communities, is self-destructive behavior. I get that you're engaging in a war against the patriarchy and white supremacy. And violent extremist views. As you let yourselves protest in these conflicts, I wonder if all of you know that you're also at war with yourselves.

Yes, you are at war with yourselves, inside your own minds and hearts. And your choices for YouTube will hinder with even what I'm allowed to do online; spreading freedom, truth, wisdom, and positive philosophies. But the truth hurts you in places, right?

It shouldn't though. It really shouldn't, because it is harmful to control people with lies! Censoring out facts will just give others the opportunity to manipulate as many people as they can.

Are you really trying to help rid of the world of inhumane things (racism, sexism, discrimination towards LGBT's), or is it your goal to want to attract more and more inhumane human behaviors around you?

I'm sure you've been furious over transgender people being banned to join the military, for example - but consider this. Look at the first four letters in soldier. S-O-L-D. What I'm saying is, don't allow yourselves to sell yourselves out to cause senseless violence in other countries. To understand what I mean here, I will have to leave the subject of the Military-Industrial-Complex for another video.

Or, if you'd like to, you could look into that on your own...

You want to get rid of racism, mass violence, and want to be loved for your independence and choices, right?

I'm not asking these questions to offend you. I, as a concerned (and frustrated) American, am offering you some beneficial and positive wisdom to take with you. A new approach on what you feel you must do.

How many of you are familiar with the Law of Attraction? It's an interesting philosophy on thought and belief; that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their lives. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts (and emotions) are all made from pure energy, and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships.

Here's an easy way for you to understand this. Carrying and sending positive energy within ourselves attracts more positives. Carrying and sending negative energy within ourselves attracts more negatives.

I'll leave a link in the description box under this video for you to look at, in case you may want to learn more about the Law of Attraction. (I'll leave the link on this entry of mine to find it easier:

So, with the Law of Attraction in mind, I'm investing in positive energy of my own to attract positive energy from you. Because a positive outcome is possible, when you know how to communicate to others through peaceful cooperation.

I'm just trying to help you out here, by speaking as a voice of reason.

I advise you now to take off those new policies. YouTube will become worse than you think it is now, because of the new creator content policies you want set in place. It's not too late to change your minds. Right?

Letting your insecurities, vanities, and your emotional needs to be valued over everyone else will destroy what made YouTube great.

I'm not speaking in defense of racism and violence. I'm defending freedom and liberty for all. Freedom from all the crazy, insane, and inhumane things requires everyone to be free of it through voluntary interactions. Using force to pressure everyone into agreeing with you is not freedom. Putting an authoritarian wedge between yourselves and the people you can't stand is not freedom.

How can you hope to heal the world of racism and hate when you carry racism and hate inside yourselves? That's morally inconsistent. Morally lopsided...

Yes, I know and understand well that this world is a scary and backwards place, but it takes civil and mature people to stop and ask themselves what they're doing. You must take time and effort to heal yourselves, by taking a path to productive and enjoyable experiences that don't lead to conflict with others.

A moral and peaceful human society must have people who are both compassionate and intelligent. One virtue without the other is a recipe for disaster. Caring idiots and heartless geniuses can both cause serious damage, and they do it together - usually with one side manipulating over the other.

We can change that, through self-education and learning from one another...

My bad if I come off as preachy, but you needed to hear all that. I had to say something, because if YouTube gains more and more censorship, then it is likely going to be the same for any other video uploading site. A lot of censorship is tyranny on freedom of speech. That's so much worse than hate-speech itself.

I'd rather not be accused of wrong-think, in a near-future Orwellian dystopia. I know you wouldn't want that either, so why can't we just talk to each other? Why can't we debate, ask each other questions, and get along?

I know, it must be tough for you to imagine, to even begin on getting along with Trump supporters. It might be rough to even consider befriending me, an independent who never votes for anyone to represent me. But that's what needs to happen.


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